Monday, December 16, 2013

23 months (& some family photos)

in less than a month, my baby boy will turn two.

but for now, these are the new developments this last month, and the things that make him 23 months...not QUITE two.  :)
  • he said grandpa for the first time ('grumpa').  and he loves his grumpa.
  • LOVES 'buns' as he calls them.  basically anything that's toast or bread or bun of any kind.  looks like this child loves carbs, just like his mama.
  • seems to have overcome his separation anxiety - no longer cries or is resistant when left in the church kid's zone or anywhere else for that matter.  he also doesn't mind getting in the car anymore.  sometimes it seems he's a little TOO quick to leave mama's side and go play.  i guess my baby really is growing up.  
  • has said the occasional 'thank you' for the first time WITHOUT being prompted.  hooray!  all that manners training is starting to pay off.
  • loves going up and down escalators.  the first time, he was scared, but after that, it was 'more, more'!
  • although he's becoming quite independent, one thing he still does willingly is hold my hand, especially when we're out in public.  i'm convinced that little hand wrapped tightly in mine is one of the best feelings a mama can experience.
  • loves trying to plug things into electrical outlets.  the outlets in our home are child-proofed, OF COURSE, but his little fingers are becoming good at wiggling some of those plastic guards out.  good thing he's always around me, because he doesn't get far in his venture, but it sure makes my heart stop! 
  • no longer wakes up at agonizing hours like 4:45 or 5am; instead, his body seems to have adjusted and  in the last week or so, he's been sleeping to unprecedented times like 7/8am...but i'm not entirely convinced it's his new schedule...yet.  don't want to get my hopes high.
  • FAVORITE BOOKS - he's branching out from only wanting to read books about trucks and diggers and in the last few weeks, he has loved 'green eggs and ham', 'oh, the places you'll go', 'if you give a mouse a cookie', and 'if you give a moose a muffin'.  we're HUGE dr. seuss fans in this house, so it's been fun to share that with him.  especially funny while reading 'green eggs and ham' is when he answers the questions being asked by 'sam-i-am'.  apparently our little monkey would ONLY  want to eat green eggs and ham while in a car, train or boat (but not in a box, with a fox, in a house or with a mouse).  big surprise, haha!
  • FAVORITE MORNING ROUTINE - most mornings, our routine has been to go downstairs, where he helps me make a cup of tea.  his favorite part is helping me squeeze the honey bear and watch the honey drip  into my mug.  then we sit on the sofa and read books while we sip tea together. precious memory.
  • STRONG OPINIONS - i'm sure this is part & parcel for what i should expect for a toddler, but he's definitely beginning to have VERY strong opinions about things, and is constantly correcting me in these areas: 1.) Bags are NOT to be called 'bags'; they are SACKS.  i'm guessing he learned this from grandma, since that's what she calls them, and it has stuck!  if i dare say the word 'bag' (ie: let's put your puzzle pieces back in this 'bag'), he will look me straight in the eyes, shake his head emphatically, and say 'NO!,SACK!'  2.) only wants to wear JEANS; pants of any other kind are NOT OK.  he also points out daddy's jeans and mama's jeans when we wear them, so maybe he just wants to wear what we wear.  and if i dare call the jeans he's wearing 'pants' on accident...well, i get corrected.  3.) he calls ALL birds 'geese', as grandma calls them.  i'm sure she pointed out some geese flying at their house once, and it stuck!  now, all birds are geese, and he is quick to correct me if i call any bird otherwise.  4.) lights are orange, NOT yellow.  he seems to be obsessed with the color orange in general, and when driving around and talking about the stop lights we see, etc., i can't call any lights 'yellow' because he will correct me and say 'orange'.  5.)  this has literally changed in the last two weeks - he went from loving having his feet and toes tickled and kissed, to really disliking it and saying 'no, no' when i kiss his toes, then tries to wipe off my kisses.  makes me so sad!   :(
  • still loves to make puzzles, although i'm pretty sure he's memorized all the ones he has now.
  • still loves anything construction vehicle related, and is doing a lot more imaginative play as he discovers new and creative ways to play with all his 'diggers'.  SO FUN to see his little mind at work.

and some photos a dear friend took of our family one recent fall day -