Sunday, November 10, 2013

22 months & our fall adventures

before i dive in, i wanted to share a quote i stumbled upon a few days ago:

"When I ask how old your toddler is, I don't need to hear '27 months'.  'He's two' will do just fine.  He's not a cheese.  And I don't really care in the first  place."  

i found the quote hilarious because i am entirely guilty of referring to my toddler's age in months, even devoting a blog post to each month, ha!  

and when i ask another mom how old her toddler is and i receive 'one' or 'two' as an answer, i always want to ask (and sometimes do) them to be more specific.  there's a HUGE difference between 'one' and 'two' and i for one enjoy talking about the insanely incredible development that's happening during each stage/month.  maybe i'm just weird.  :)


my little monkey at 22 months - 

the good
  • he's still obsessed with construction vehicles, especially bulldozers and dump trucks.  although i'm not a big fan of themed birthday parties, it's pretty much inevitable that his birthday party will be somewhat loosely based around construction vehicles.  :)
  • the car seat has been turned around, so he's now front facing, which makes car rides much more enjoyable.
  • and speaking of car rides, his favorite activity now that he can see forward, is to point out colors he sees, especially traffic lights as they turn from red to green to yellow.  he especially LOVES yellow and green, and will point out every yellow and green object he sees.  no need for talk radio or music when i have him in the car. 
  • he started asking for help when he needs it.  melts my heart each time he says 'help' as he's trying to pull out his chair or pull down a box of toys.
  • loves to clean/wash/wipe things (toys, books, the dog), and i HIGHLY encourage it, even though it often means more work for me afterwards.
  • we've overcome the tooth-brushing a big way!  he now loves having his teeth brushed, and all it took was letting him watch a bulldozer video while the brushing is taking place.  this is the only 'tv' he watches, so i guess it's a treat, and he'll stay with his mouth opened for 2-4 minutes, no problem.  huge victory for us this month!
  • loves to read, and in addition to his books about trucks/construction vehicles/etc., his new favorites are books that showcase the alphabet.  he LOVES learning and saying letters, and knows about 1/2 of them by sight.  it's not something i pushed at all, but since he's interested in them, we're running with it!  the only downside to his love of books/reading is that he's becoming increasingly resistant to bedtime, wanting to read more and more 'boops' before he goes down for the night, which has led to quite a few tears the last few nights.
  • his vocabulary is starting to expand at a crazy fast pace.  i started keeping track of his new words, but gave up after a few days, because that's basically all he's doing.  he repeats every word he hears, and will often say it out of the blue later the same day or days later, often taking us by surprise that he remembered or even heard us say certain things.
  • started calling our dog zoe by name.  a couple of weeks ago, he saw her at the bottom of the stairs, pointed and for the first time, said 'zee-zee!'.  he and 'zee-zee' are becoming great pals, and it's so sweet to witness.
  • still loves music and to dance, but now, he must be holding something (ball, pillow, etc.) while he dances, and he insists on everyone else doing the same.
  • doesn't say 'yes' (although we've definitely been working on it, especially since 'no' is definitely a big part of his current vocabulary); however, he's started saying 'uh-hum' instead of yes, and the way he says it is so stinking cute!
  • and the one daddy is perhaps the most excited and proud about - our little monkey is beginning an immersion into all that is 'star wars'.  it all sort of happened accidentally.  first, when i purchased a box of hot-wheels from a garage sale this summer, there was a 'star wars' action figure mixed in, which he loves, and daddy plays with as well.  then, over the course of the year, i'm not sure how it happened, but we ended up with a couple of 'star wars' kids books, which are really a bit mature for him, but they are among his favorites to read, especially before bed time.  and lastly, when at the library last, i found a 'star wars' themed 'ABC' board book, which i HAD to check out, and it also is one of his favorite bed-time 'stories'.  let's just say he already knows many of the characters, and his favorites to say are 'ah-too' and 'chew-chew' cute!!  and a side benefit (depending on who you ask, i guess!) is that i too am learning more about 'star wars' than i ever knew before, and it's not half bad when learned alongside my 22 month old son.  :)

the challenges
  • HATES leaving the house.  or at least, that's the way i interpret his extreme resistance (which includes an emphatic 'NO!' and crying/flailing, etc.) when asked to put on his shoes and jacket.  i'm not sure if it's the car ride he no longer likes, if he's just having too much fun playing and doesn't want to take a break from that, or if we are just out and about too much and this is his way of saying we need to slow down a bit...hopefully, it's just a phase, because there are times we NEED to leave, and it's no fun trying to get a hysterical child dressed, out the door, and in a car seat.
  • is sick AGAIN.  he's currently fighting his third cold of the season, and it's only the beginning of november.  he literally got over a cold last week, and about 3 or 4 days later showed symptoms of another cold.  it happens after each time he's in a situation with multiple children...without fail.  if this is any indicator of what this winter holds, i'm not one happy mama.  the frustrating thing is i feel as though i'm doing everything i can to keep his immune system boosted, but unlike last winter, when he seldom got sick, he's not being breastfed this winter, and i've got to believe that's a big part of it.  i don't want to raise him in a bubble, but his colds combined with his new aversion to leaving the house may mean we're indoors a lot this winter.  
  • 'NO' is on the tip of his tongue.  he says 'no' even when he means 'yes'; it seems as though it's just an instinct.  as soon as he's asked a question, he says 'no', even before really hearing what was asked and even when i know with certainty he means 'yes'.  
  • daylight savings - don't even get me started on how much i dislike daylight savings, and find it baffling as to who/what is actually benefiting from it.  all it means for us is a toddler who used to wake at 6, now wakes at stuff!  and even though it seems as though he's slowly adjusting, i'm still not, hence the reason i'm up at 4:45am doing stuff like this.  :)
but despite any challenges, i'm LOVING this stage and am cherishing the good, while doing my best to deal with the bad.  :)

and some pictures from our adventures this past month.  we had a WONDERFUL october, full of sunshine and beautiful foliage, trips to the pumpkin patch & hood river and trick-or-treating at great-gram's place with good buds.