Friday, September 20, 2013

20 months old

it's been a while since i blogged.

our summer has been insanely busy, and blogging took a back seat to everything else.

but my little monkey is now 20 months old and so much has changed since he was 18 months.  

the fact that he's less than 4 months shy of his second birthday is not lost on me, and yet, as i look out the window at the sunshine, his january birthday seems so far off.

lest i start getting sad about how quickly his second year is flying by, i'll write about how much i'm enjoying his current age.

i'm convinced this is the best age yet.  i know once he hits his 'terrible two's chances are i won't feel this way, but for now...

here's a list of the ways in which he's completely rocking my world these days!

  • loves to say 'hi' and 'bye-bye' to everyone he meets in a soft, sing-songy voice while he waves his hand, and most times, he does it before the other person even sees him. 
  • he also says 'bye-bye' to each of his books as we finish reading them and close them up.  sometimes he says 'bye-bye' before we start a book which means, "nope, don't want to read that one".   
  • we're working on 'please' and 'thank-you', with about an 80% success rate for 'thank-you' and about 50% for 'please'.  we still have work to do, but hearing him say 'peas' is too cute for words.
  • when he tries to get my attention (or that of the hubs or grandma), he comes up behind us, pushes us in the direction he wants us to go (usually on the rug to play with him), and says 'push, push'.  the first time he did this, i couldn't believe my ears, and it still cracks me up. 
  • he is starting to play with zoe-girl much more, especially throwing the ball for her to fetch and rolling around on the blanket with her.  SO CUTE!!
  • not sure how this started, but he's obsessed with putting shoes in the closet.  at first he would pick up daddy's HUGE, size 13 shoes after daddy came home from work, and grunt all the way to the closet as he struggled to throw them in.  now he does the same for his shoes and my shoes and closes the closet door behind him.  let's hope this phase lasts for 18 more years.
  • well, this isn't rocking my world in a good way, but he's discovered he can climb just about everything: every sofa, every chair and yes, even the kitchen table.  he especially loves jumping on the sofas, which i highly discourage due to the heart-stopping panic i experience each time i envision him with a broken collarbone or worse.
  • his vocabulary is expanding daily!  for a couple of months there i was worried his speech wasn't developing as quickly as 'the experts' recommend, but it feels like once he turned 20 months old, a fountain turned on, he's saying new words daily, and the words he's pronouncing are much more clear.  
  • LOVES to brush his teeth.  let me clarify: he hates having ME brush his teeth.  he LOVES holding the toothbrush in his mouth, sucking on it, and walking around the house with it all morning, while he says 'brush, brush' repeatedly.
  • HE RUNS.  which means he trips over his feet all the time, poor baby.
  • he's a doggie-door ninja.  we re-installed the doggie-dog about a month ago (after about a year without), and it didn't take him but a couple of days to realize not only that he could fit through it, but what was waiting on the other end was his backyard and lots of toys.  why WOULDN'T he want to escape out the doggie-door every chance he gets?
  • and speaking of the backyard, we spend HOURS out there every week digging up dirt, rocks, sticks, pine cones, grass, etc.  he also seems to enjoy the taste of dirt.  i have no idea what we're going to do when the rains really settle in.  to be honest, i am slightly stressing about how i'm going to keep an active toddler busy this winter.
  • he's still obsessed (if a toddler can be obsessed) with diggers of any and all kinds.  with all the roadwork that's been going on around our neighborhood all summer, he's had many opportunities to see construction vehicles at work, and that's fueled his interest in them.  rarely does he want to read books with subject matters other than truck or digger related.
  • he started saying cheese when being photographed.  i swear i didn't teach him this, so not sure where he picked it up, but i'm sure his cooperation in being photographed probably won't last much longer, so i'm milking it for all it's worth!
  • as of 19 months, he was done with the bottle.  YAY.
  • on the rare occasion that he chooses to play with something other than his cars, diggers or trains, he enjoys his play kitchen, and making me 'sandwiches' and squirting 'ketchup' on everything while he makes a 'ssss' sound.
  • and speaking of ketchup, the boy won't eat anything unless he's given ketchup for dipping.  yesterday he dipped his banana in ketchup.
  • LOVES popcorn, or 'pop-pop' as he calls it.
  • if i ask him if he's gone potty, he starts grabbing for his diaper.  sometimes, he grabs for it before i ask...does that mean he's almost ready to potty train??  doesn't really matter because i'm not ready!
  • still LOVES to dance, and he's got moves he most certainly didn't get from his mama!  
  • he LOVES to read, and i can say my favorite moments each day are those spent curled up in our chair, covered in a blanket, snuggled close together flipping through pages of books we've read dozens of times.
  • the way he says 'on' even when he means 'off   

and because i MUST add some current photos, here are some taken last week at a local park on what was probably one of our last really warm days this summer-end.  the suspenders were a gift from his auntie nomers, and he totally rocked them, i must say!  :)