Sunday, July 14, 2013

a boy and his cars

a few days ago i scored a box of hot wheel cars, random trucks and airplanes for $5 from a neighbor whose son has outgrown them.

i knew my little monkey would enjoy them since he's fascinated by anything with wheels, but little did i know just what a hit these cars would be.

add in a car ramp, and yesterday alone, he spent a good two hours running every single vehicle down the ramp, over and over again.

this morning, the first thing he wanted to do was search for his cars.

and after we got home from church...yep, cars.

so lost in his little world was he that i was able to snap some pictures that melt my heart and i will treasure forever.

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Kami said...

What great pictures!! You need to put them in a scrapbook or photobook!