Saturday, June 15, 2013

17 months

well, we're one month shy of the 1.5 year mark...CRAZY!!

new developments seem to be popping up almost daily, and this year is flying, so it's getting hard to keep track of when new milestones are hit.

this is what stands out as most recent:

  • he 'talks' A LOT.  in general, i would say he's more the introspective observer type who only talks when he has something to say, especially when he's out and about in a different environment.  but in the last week or so, it seems as though the verbal fountain has been turned on, and the boy is constantly talking, and appears to be having full on adult conversations with us.  he's also finally saying more discernible words and will often repeat words he hears us say.  of course, he's still very fond of making the sounds that corresponds to certain words, especially animals noises, car noises and fire truck noises.  his new favorite sounds is 'CACA' which translates to 'cockadoddledoo' which translates to 'rooster', and which he says every time he sees a rooster or a chicken in his books.  
  • is willing to hold mama's hand when asked.  this was a battle of the wills for a while, but he's learned if he wants to walk outdoors, holding mama's hand is non-negotiable.
  • is learning not to throw things, especially food off his high chair.  instead, i've been trying to teach him to hand me whatever it is he's 'all done' with.  we're at about 75% success rate on this one.
  • diaper changes are becoming increasingly more difficult.  lord help me if it's a messy one.
  • loves meeting new dogs.  we run into many at the parks and farmer's market we frequent, and size doesn't seem to be a factor for him.  he's not scared of big dogs; it's the hyper dogs that he's not fond of.
  • he seems to have developed allergies.  his doc seems to think he's reacting to grass/pollen, etc., evidenced by his puffy, itchy eyes that have a purplish tint to them.  apparently they call this 'allergic shiners' in children.  his reactions have just occurred in the last couple of days, so we're monitoring to see what happens. 
  • is perfecting his climbing skills...and constantly giving me heart attacks. a little friend of his who's one month older just broke his collarbone falling off an ottoman, so now i'm even more anxious when i watch him climb.
  • morning wake time has slowly been creeping toward 7am (vs 6am) - WOOHOO!!
  • every night at bedtime, after his bottle (yes, he still gets one...we're working on it), and just before i rock him to sleep (well, half-way), he sits up and starts pointing at different features on my face and head and telling me what they are...the way he says 'ayyyyes' melts my heart!
  • and my favorite memory from this last week's swim lesson (either his 4th or 5th lesson), he KICKED his feet for the first time, and i was THE PROUDEST mama in the pool!  it may not seem like a big deal to most, but it's something we've been working on since his first lesson, and seeing him make the connection and just 'get it' was a proud moment indeed.  he kicked as he 'swam' to reach his favorite toys in the pool and he really kicked when he was submerged as he made his way to the surface.   


and some pictures from a recent pool/fountain party with little miss audrey, his favorite partner in crime!  oh, and of course zoe-girl was never far behind.  :)

heehee, little miss with a mouthful of bath sponges

not sure why he looks so intense here, but i love it!

audrey explaining the ways of the world...and something about rocks.

now, those are eyes full of mischief!

finally getting to enjoy the in-ground fountains the hubs installed  about a month ago.  to say they're a huge hit with the toddler population is a MAJOR understatement!

yes, the tongues were out in full force.

enjoying a post-pool snack.  he ate more at this meal than any other meal he's ever had.  i'm convinced he was just trying to impress little miss, who was doing a wonderful job eating all her food.  i guess there would be some pros to having two toddlers...