Sunday, May 19, 2013

16 months old (and belated Easter 2013 photos)

month 15 came and went like a flash, and now here we little monkey is 16 months old!

the past couple of months have been, for lack of a better word, INSANE.

a sprained ankle for our bud.
emergency spinal surgery for our dog.
a nasty stomach flu that took us all out (including grandma and grandpa) for a couple of weeks.
horrible teething (canines and molars coming in).
transitioning from two to one nap.

some things are slowly returning back to normal and others will probably be around for a while.  

official stats from his 15 month dr. visit - 
  • height: 33" (75th percentile)
  • weight: 24 lbs (50th percentile)

what's new & what i want to remember about 16 months - 
  • swim lessons - so far he's had two, and overall, he's a fan, which isn't a surprise given how much he loves water.  he's still learning to get comfortable floating on his back, and we skipped submersions during the second lesson, but he has no fear coming down the big 'slide' or sliding off the side, back into the pool.
  • imitates sounds - his new favorites: wailing like a fire engine, 'who-who' (owl) and my favorite, 'uh-oh' which he says so sincerely anytime he drops something or something falls on accident.  of course, he still has his favorite stand-by sound for motor vehicles of any kind ('crrrrrrr') and his barking sound anytime he sees a dog.
  • obsessed with airplanes, motorcycles & bikes - he usually hears airplanes before we do, and points at them in the sky.  if a motorcycle goes by, he's enamored with the sound, and if a bike goes by, he tries to chase it.  
  • also obsessed with trains and trucks - this is probably due to a couple of new books we've been reading, which he wants to read OVER AND OVER again.  it's now really fun to see these things in real life, point them out to him, and see the connection being made in his mind.  most recently, we've seen fire engines out and about, and he immediately starts making his 'woo-woo' sound.
  • pointing at objects in books and wanting to know what's 'this?' or 'that?'.  and he's not satisfied to be told once; he can stay on a page for a long time, asking what things are, over and over again.  he's also able to point to most animals and other random objects when asked.  the realization of how much he already knows boggles my mind.
  • wants to help - whether this means grabbing the towel out of my hand and wiping down his own food tray, face or hands, or helping put away toys, he wants to do what he sees us doing.
  • climbing - just in the last couple of weeks, our little monkey has mastered the art of climbing, and it's crazy how quickly he's learned this!   basically, if he can reach it, he'll climb it, and he can reach just about anything, or at least huff and puff his way while he pulls himself up using his own strength.  of course, this means a whole new level of attentiveness required on my part, but it is fun to see him come up with creative ways to climb.  usually that entails pulling a toy near the ottoman or couch and using that to stand on, or pulling down a throw pillow off the couch, then standing on it to climb the couch.  
  • the backyard is his new world!  the weather's was fantastic for a few weeks, and the hubs sectioned off the yard so that our zoe-girl has her section, and the rest of the yard belongs to our bud.  
  • multiple trips to the zoo - his first trip to the zoo was when he was about 6 months old, and he hadn't been since.  however, in the last few weeks, he's been twice, and it's so fun to see the way he connects with animals he's only seen in books.  we bought a zoo membership, and i have no doubt it'll be worth every penny!
  • loves to dance - he's always enjoyed music, but we found the genre that inspires the most moves: OLDIES!  
  • is becoming much more adept at puzzles - not only does he want to play with his puzzles all the time, he knows where the pieces belong, and can usually make them fit.  it's been surprising for me to see how long he can usually stay focused on this.
  • loves pull-toys - he has a few, and didn't show any interest in them until recently.  now, pulling them around the house (one in each hand) is a daily favorite activity.
  • how much he understands - it boggles my mind just how quickly he went from exploring his world to actively participating in and understanding it.  if i tell him 'it's time to go bye-bye, he immediately starts making the 'crrrr' sound for 'car' and goes to the garage door, waiting for me to open it.  if i ask him to bring me something from the other room, he will retrieve exactly what i've asked for.  if i ask him to help me find our car in the parking lot as we leave the grocery store, he becomes very excited when he sees it, and points it out to me.  
  • knows his animals - one of his favorite toys to play with is his fisher-price little people noah's ark.  it's half his size, but every day, without fail, he pulls it out of his toy box, carries it to me, and wants me to sit and play animals with him.  i'm not sure when it happened, but he knows all the animals by name, and will hand me the right animal when i ask him.  
  • he remembers everything - we have to be careful what we show him or do with him now, because once he's experienced something  he wants to do it over and over, and remembers things days later.  
  • ability to stay focused - this has greatly increased.  his attention span isn't always great, especially when he's surrounded by too many toys and play options, but when working on puzzles or reading books, he can now easily spend 10-15 minutes on one task, as long as someone's working on it with him.
  • is very generous with his kisses!
  • has learned to hold my hand - this is obviously a safety concern, and we've been working on it for quite some time. to say he was resistant to holding my hand while walking outdoors is a major understatement, but we kept at it, and he eventually learned it was fruitless to fight mama on this one.  :)

  • rocks, especially throwing them
  • strawberries
  • blueberries
  • toast
  • chicken (especially costco's rotisserie chicken)
  • airplanes
  • trains
  • shooting hoops and balls of all kinds
  • THE BEACH - sand, ocean, sticks, seashells, all of it!
  • grandma sue
  • playgrounds, especially slides and climbing the play structures
  • daddy's jeep, especially the big wheels (and points to every jeep on the road that looks like daddy's jeep)
  • bath-time  - he can't get in the tub soon enough
  • watching mama make smoothies (the loud blender is very fascinating)
  • watching older kids play

  • teething - there have been some pretty rough patches the last couple of months where i was convinced my sweet-tempered, playful, happy and silly child was replaced by a temperamental  cranky, fit-throwing, whine & cry at the drop of a hat child i didn't recognize, and i just wanted MY child back!  the only thing that makes sense as the culprit is teething since during this same time period he had 6-8 teeth come in, and just recently, i've started seeing glimpses of our former child surface again.  
  • eating - this has become a recurring theme, and i'm somewhat resigned to the fact that our bud simply isn't a big eater or the best eater.  i'm not-so-secretly envious of children of good friends of mine his age who eat anything and everything even when they're not hungry!  
  • getting off the bottle - yes, he still gets a bottle, and even though the 'experts' recommend weaning children off around one year of age, i obviously haven't been too concerned about this nor found it to be a big enough priority to address...until now.  the fact that he REFUSES to drink milk from a sippy cup is starting to worry me because i know the older he is, the more difficult the transition will be.  there hasn't been a sippy cup that he's really taken to, so that's part of the issue.  the kid's camelback cup we purchased a while ago was a hit for a few days, and now he won't even drink water out of it.  oy!
  • early wake time - he's up at 6am sharp each morning.  those mornings he sleeps until 6:30, i feel as though i've received a gift!  not sure why he's such an early bird, and yes, i'm also terribly envious of those mommy friends of mine whose children sleep till 7 or even 8/9...lucky!!
  • transition to one nap - he's pretty much transitioned to one nap now, although he still gets pretty tired around 9:30/10am when he used to take his morning nap.  i usually try and push his nap to at least 11:30, and he typically sleeps 2-3 hours.  those times when i've given in and let him go down at 9:30 or 10 thinking he would also take an afternoon nap, have completely backfired, leaving a VERY long stretch of time until bedtime, and a cranky baby.  so this one-nap thing is definitely a work in progress.  overall, it's been a positive experience, and i really like that it (usually) allows us to be able to get out of the house for longer stretches of time.
  • tantrums - over the past couple of months, our bud has started throwing tantrums.  they haven't been the full-blown, melt-down type, but him reacting out of frustration, usually when he isn't allowed to do something he wants (like play in the fridge or climb inside the dishwasher).  usually his tantrum entails him either sprawling on the ground and crying or throwing whatever object is closest to him.  luckily, he calms down pretty quickly, and almost always they happen when he's hungry and/or tired, so that's pretty easily fixed.

despite its challenges, this stage is fun, fun fun.  seeing him soak up his world like a little sponge and make new connections every day is thrilling as a mom.  and although he is definitely asserting his independence and learning to manage h his emotions, he's still my little cuddle-bug, and still definitely needs his mama.  :)


and some VERY belated pics from easter...i need to find another excuse for him to wear that bow-tie!