Monday, April 22, 2013

the beach

i've discovered my bud's favorite place in the world - THE BEACH.

so far this spring, we've taken him twice, and these pictures are from his first time on march 30th.

first time touching sand.

first time eating sand.

first time at the beach with zoe.

first time running into the ocean.

but definitely not the last time.

i figured he'd like the beach, but i had NO IDEA at the incredible, all encompassing joy he displayed as soon as his pudgy little feet touched the sand.

the gleeful shrieks and laughs that came out of his mouth the entire time we were there are unlike any noise i've heard him make before.

when he wasn't shrieking with joy, he was babbling a mile a minute, undoubtedly sharing his excitement with us.

as if the sand wasn't enough, i thought it'd be fun to dip his toes in the ocean, fully expecting him to be turned off by the cold water.


not only did the cold and waves not bother or scare him, he was determined to get as wet as possible, so it wasn't long before he was stripped down to his onesie.

and to say that he wasn't happy to be removed from the water is a major understatement.

we did eventually manage to move him far enough away from shore and distract him with rocks, seashells and long sticks to make him forget the water.

i've always loved the ocean, but experiencing it through the eyes of a child gave me an even greater appreciation and love than before.

i CAN'T wait to make many trips back this spring and summer!


Dawn Marie said...

soooo adorable! love the little sandy butt :)

Kami said...

Great pictures! And I love that the Oregon coast looks like a ghost town sometimes - not a soul in sight and the whole beach to yourself!

tabi said...

dawn - thanks!! words can't even describe how much he loves the beach, although i tried to do his excitement justice with these photos. :)

kami - thanks, friend! yea, going to manzanita beach definitely helped out with the crowd situation. such a great beach!! :)