Monday, March 25, 2013

a little snow, a little sun, and a big owie

we've had some pretty decent weather around these parts lately.

a couple of weekends ago, because it was sunny and mild and we were feeling stir-crazy, we decided to head to hood river, one of our favorite day trips.

since the bud feel asleep on the way there (and we NEVER wake our sleeping baby), we kept driving and ended up at 'cooper spur mountain resort', a small, one-lift ski resort on the north side of mt. hood, and one of the most charming and rustic places i've ever visited.

the hubs thought it was the place he learned to ski as a child, and although it turns out he was thinking of a different place, we definitely plan on spending lots of time there in the future.

after a couple of hours spent playing in the snow, soaking up much needed vitamin D on the lodge's deck, watching birds swoop down for lunch remnants, and of course, taking pictures, we headed to hood river.

the first order of business was finding a playground for our bud to get out some pent up energy before we grabbed a late lunch.  we found an AMAZING playground, complete with the biggest and most impressive wooden structures i've ever seen and a huge sand pit surrounded by slides and filled with monster trucks.

our bud was enthralled watching the big kids in the sand pit, and later, going down a big slide with daddy.

unfortunately, our playground excitement was short-lived.  i was excited for my turn down the slide with bud; yet, in my excitement, i didn't keep a tight enough grip on his legs, and his right leg ended up sliding off my lap, and twisting on the slide.

our bud ended up spraining his ankle, and the last couple of weeks have been filled with doctor's visits and finding creative ways to keep a very active boy off his feet.  this was his first big injury, and i can't describe how awful i felt knowing i could have prevented it had i been more careful.

but he's almost completely healed up now, and although we have to do our best to make sure he doesn't re-injure his ankle, it's been amazing to see how quickly young children can heal from injuries.  we're just so incredibly thankful it wasn't a fracture or break.

so although the day ended up with a big owie for our little guy, it's also a day filled with fond memories.

bittersweet picture below, taken seconds before he twisted his ankle.

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