Tuesday, February 5, 2013

two princesses and a bud

yesterday i took our bud to the 'little cups & grownups' play cafe in battle ground.

we don't go there often because it's a good distance from our home, but i had plans to pick up something off craigslist, and the seller lives right by the cafe, so it was perfect.  i was going to score a great deal on some used stuff and bud was going to play for a couple of hours.  win-win.

* just a quick tangent * - it boggles my mind that someone trying to sell something used, who has taken the time to post multiple craigslist ads, respond to multiple emails, and drive to meet an interested buyer, then shows up with stuff that is filthy and has missing / broken pieces (previously undisclosed).  how hard would it be to take a wet washcloth and run it over what you're selling??  FIRST IMPRESSIONS, people!  

but we still had our time at 'little cups' and that was a blast.  it wasn't packed (which was a nice change from 'steamers & screamers' where we usually go), the grilled cheese sandwich i indulged in was SO GOOD, and my bud made a princess friend.

her name is emily and she is six years old.  she was there with her 3 year old sister, and i'm fairly certain she was bored to tears.  she proceeded to tell me it was just her first time there, but she had already figured out how to play with all the toys.

well, i introduced her to bud, then sat back and watched as she took him under her wing and took it upon herself to entertain him for over an hour.

some of the funny moments - 

  • emily, bud and i were sitting playing with a toy.  emily looks up at me and says "he still has a lot of things to learn in this life."  hahaha!  wise words coming from a 6 year old who must have come to that conclusion after spending lots of time showing bud  how to properly work many of the toys and realizing just how little a one year old knows.  :)  

  • emily and her younger sister, both dressed up as princesses,  were vying for bud's attention.  each brought him a toy and was trying to show him how to work 'their' toy.  seeing him on the floor, flanked by princesses on both sides was so insanely adorable...and he certainly didn't seem to mind.  :)


emily putting on a puppet show for bud

the shopping cart was a huge hit!

the two princesses vying for his attention

let's cook something

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