Friday, February 1, 2013

first haircut

last week our bud received his first haircut.

i had been dreading the day and put it off for as long as i possibly could.

i knew my baby would look like a big boy, and i was nowhere near ready for that.  i barely survived his first birthday.

for weeks leading up to his haircut, in order to keep his fine, straight hair out of his eyes, i put barrettes in his hair (of which there isn't much photographic evidence).

because of the barrettes, the hubs threatened to give him a buzz cut one day while i was out.

so i knew it was time.

we took him to a local children's haircut place, highly recommended by many moms i know.

well, it wasn't quite the experience i had wanted or hoped for.

the place itself was great, as were the employees.  very much designed to keep young children entertained while their locks are chopped off.

however, our bud was not about to be that easily fooled.  he sat in a car with lots of knobs and dials (which he typically loves), there was a movie on the tv screen directly in front of him, i blew bubbles in his direction almost non-stop (except to snap some photos), and daddy made silly noises at him.  despite all the distractions, all he could focus on was the strange lady touching his head and hair.

after a couple of minutes, he decided he was DONE.

he began wiggling, turning his head every which way, and swatting her hand away every chance he got.  at times, we had to hold his hands down, which only made him even more upset.

needless to say, our bud was not a stellar customer.

nor was i thrilled with the bowl haircut he received.

but i give kudos to the girl who cut his hair, because she had her work cut out for her, and our bud made her earn every penny.  she did the very best job she could, and overall, i was impressed with the way she kept her composure.

his hair will grow back, and in the meantime, a little bit of hair product will go a long way.   :)




{'get me out of here!'}




Monica said...

I think you could totally tackle the kids haircut yourself!!! You (or Reid) should do it! Snip, snip... no prob!

Monica said...

btw, he is lovely.. no matter what the hair does. love the spikey, product look, though!