Tuesday, February 12, 2013

february friday fun at the park

last friday was sunny, mild, and gorgeous, a rarity for february in the northwest.

it was also my bud's 13 month birthday, and instead of running errands as i had planned, the sun was calling, and once he woke from his morning nap, we headed to the park for the first time since summer.

luckily, his buddy lincoln, who's a month older, was able to join us.  it was so fun to see two little buds exploring.

ronan, who used to love the swing, wanted nothing to do with it this time.  instead, he was happiest crawling around everywhere, making new friends, and watching the big kids on the swinging bridge.  oh, and there was definitely some bark dust that made it inside his mouth.

because the bark dust was uneven, he wasn't too comfortable walking on it, but he still got around, which made for some very dirty and wet clothes.  nothing that couldn't be cleaned, though!

our time at the park made me long for summer - it can't arrive fast enough!


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