Thursday, February 14, 2013

my bud at 13 months

i'm pretty sure it's still acceptable to refer to his age in months.  that changes at 24 months, right?

so, it's true what i've been told numerous times in the last 13 months...every stage is better than the one before.  it took me a while to believe it, but now that i've experienced so many stages with my bud, i grudgingly admit it's true.

not that i'm happy about how quickly he's progressing through all the stages.  :)

it's been almost a week since he turned 13 months old, and things have changed even in that time, so i wanted to jot down a few things before i forgot them.

my bud at 13 months - 

  • is a babbling machine!  some of his discernible words: 'dadeeee', 'oh', 'wow', 'hi'.  he definitely has his repertoire of sounds he goes through when he's on a babbling kick.  he looks at me like i should understand what he's saying, so he's obviously trying to communicate; he's not just experimenting with sounds.  my favorite is when he sees something he likes and says 'oh, wow', eyes and mouth big.  this most often happens when he sees the garage door opening and closing.
  • is teething like crazy.  does this ever end??  the sound of him grinding his teeth is worse than nails on a chalkboard.  it's just not fun being a baby sometimes.
  • is walking!  it's been a very gradual process over the last month or so, and i would consider him an almost steady walker.  in the comfort of our home, where he's barefoot most of the time (which is better for his foot/leg development from what i've read), he cruises through the entire house.  but if he's wearing socks/mocassins out and about, he's much more apt to get back to crawling as soon as he feels unsteady.  he doesn't wear actual shoes yet, but i've been researching shoes for new walkers because it's probably time.
  • waves hi and good-bye.  i've been working with him on this, so it was exciting to see him wave good-bye to daddy the other morning.
  • has started saying 'nuh' which is his version of 'no' while shaking his head 'no'.  he uses it in the correct context too, which is usually when he doesn't want to eat something placed in front of him.  i have no idea where he picked it up since i've tried hard not to use 'no' around him for this very reason.  i wonder if he's heard us say 'no' to zoe, our dog.
  • LOVES staring at his reflection in the mirror.  there's one on the backseat of the car so i can see him in my rear-view mirror, and every time i put him in his carseat, he gives himself a huge toothy smile, complete with side tilt of the head.  
  • holds out arms and legs to be dressed.  also, if he has something in one hand, he transfers it to the other when it's time to dress that arm.  yep, he's a genius, haha!
  • has inconsistent nap times.  i think we're going through a transition, because in the last few days, he's been waking up at 6am (when i nurse him), but instead of being up for the day at that point, i've been putting him back down, and he's gone back to sleep until 8 or 8:30 (yipeeeee!).  on those days, he ends up taking an afternoon nap around 12:30 and sleeping for about 2 1/2 hours.  i think this may be our new schedule...we'll see.  i think i prefer this because not only do i get to sleep in a bit longer (if i can get back to sleep), but with one nap instead of two, we can actually get out of the house more/do more.
  • favorite playthings: balls (rolling them, throwing them, even through a basket ball hoop, placing them in boxes or baskets, etc.), wheels (on anything and everything), stackign cups and boxes, knocking down towers of boxes or blocks i build for him, grocery carts, play kitchens, etc.
  • needs a lot of entertaining, especially at home, where his toys are old news.  therefore, we try to get out for play-dates or just a change of scenery every day.  helps him get his energy out and it keeps me sane.  :)
  • gives lots of snuggles right before bedtime.  has also started giving kisses.  seriously, it doesn't get any better than this. freak-out moment of the week:  i ran to see what he had in his mouth, only to discover a HUGE ANT.  i should have kept my cool, but i totally freaked out.  YUCK, YUCK, YUCK!!


some pictures i took about a month ago when i did his one year photo shoot 

and my absolute favorite

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

february friday fun at the park

last friday was sunny, mild, and gorgeous, a rarity for february in the northwest.

it was also my bud's 13 month birthday, and instead of running errands as i had planned, the sun was calling, and once he woke from his morning nap, we headed to the park for the first time since summer.

luckily, his buddy lincoln, who's a month older, was able to join us.  it was so fun to see two little buds exploring.

ronan, who used to love the swing, wanted nothing to do with it this time.  instead, he was happiest crawling around everywhere, making new friends, and watching the big kids on the swinging bridge.  oh, and there was definitely some bark dust that made it inside his mouth.

because the bark dust was uneven, he wasn't too comfortable walking on it, but he still got around, which made for some very dirty and wet clothes.  nothing that couldn't be cleaned, though!

our time at the park made me long for summer - it can't arrive fast enough!


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

two princesses and a bud

yesterday i took our bud to the 'little cups & grownups' play cafe in battle ground.

we don't go there often because it's a good distance from our home, but i had plans to pick up something off craigslist, and the seller lives right by the cafe, so it was perfect.  i was going to score a great deal on some used stuff and bud was going to play for a couple of hours.  win-win.

* just a quick tangent * - it boggles my mind that someone trying to sell something used, who has taken the time to post multiple craigslist ads, respond to multiple emails, and drive to meet an interested buyer, then shows up with stuff that is filthy and has missing / broken pieces (previously undisclosed).  how hard would it be to take a wet washcloth and run it over what you're selling??  FIRST IMPRESSIONS, people!  

but we still had our time at 'little cups' and that was a blast.  it wasn't packed (which was a nice change from 'steamers & screamers' where we usually go), the grilled cheese sandwich i indulged in was SO GOOD, and my bud made a princess friend.

her name is emily and she is six years old.  she was there with her 3 year old sister, and i'm fairly certain she was bored to tears.  she proceeded to tell me it was just her first time there, but she had already figured out how to play with all the toys.

well, i introduced her to bud, then sat back and watched as she took him under her wing and took it upon herself to entertain him for over an hour.

some of the funny moments - 

  • emily, bud and i were sitting playing with a toy.  emily looks up at me and says "he still has a lot of things to learn in this life."  hahaha!  wise words coming from a 6 year old who must have come to that conclusion after spending lots of time showing bud  how to properly work many of the toys and realizing just how little a one year old knows.  :)  

  • emily and her younger sister, both dressed up as princesses,  were vying for bud's attention.  each brought him a toy and was trying to show him how to work 'their' toy.  seeing him on the floor, flanked by princesses on both sides was so insanely adorable...and he certainly didn't seem to mind.  :)


emily putting on a puppet show for bud

the shopping cart was a huge hit!

the two princesses vying for his attention

let's cook something

Friday, February 1, 2013

first haircut

last week our bud received his first haircut.

i had been dreading the day and put it off for as long as i possibly could.

i knew my baby would look like a big boy, and i was nowhere near ready for that.  i barely survived his first birthday.

for weeks leading up to his haircut, in order to keep his fine, straight hair out of his eyes, i put barrettes in his hair (of which there isn't much photographic evidence).

because of the barrettes, the hubs threatened to give him a buzz cut one day while i was out.

so i knew it was time.

we took him to a local children's haircut place, highly recommended by many moms i know.

well, it wasn't quite the experience i had wanted or hoped for.

the place itself was great, as were the employees.  very much designed to keep young children entertained while their locks are chopped off.

however, our bud was not about to be that easily fooled.  he sat in a car with lots of knobs and dials (which he typically loves), there was a movie on the tv screen directly in front of him, i blew bubbles in his direction almost non-stop (except to snap some photos), and daddy made silly noises at him.  despite all the distractions, all he could focus on was the strange lady touching his head and hair.

after a couple of minutes, he decided he was DONE.

he began wiggling, turning his head every which way, and swatting her hand away every chance he got.  at times, we had to hold his hands down, which only made him even more upset.

needless to say, our bud was not a stellar customer.

nor was i thrilled with the bowl haircut he received.

but i give kudos to the girl who cut his hair, because she had her work cut out for her, and our bud made her earn every penny.  she did the very best job she could, and overall, i was impressed with the way she kept her composure.

his hair will grow back, and in the meantime, a little bit of hair product will go a long way.   :)




{'get me out of here!'}