Sunday, January 13, 2013

christmas 2012 - his first christmas

** warning - this post may contains a picture overload.**

christmas has come and gone and the craziness leading up to that meant no extra time to i'm making up for it now.

this was our bud's first christmas, and because he's an early january birthday, he was almost a year old during his first christmas, which made it fun because he was definitely into everything!

the holidays were even more of a whirlwind than usual this year; i guess it's the addition of a little one to keep things busy, but for me, it was also the pressure of wanting to make sure everything was perfect for the little mister's first christmas.  well, i definitely had to let go of some things (story of my life this past year) - i.e. we didn't get our tree up until a few days before christmas, i didn't get all the cute 'pinteresty' pictures of him i had envisioned, we didn't do many christmas related activities around town - but overall, it was a wonderful holiday season, and one we'll definitely remember - our first one with our first born.  :)

some of the highlights - 

  • christmas with the cousins' - the weekend before christmas, my sister jen (one of the two sisters who live in this area) hosted christmas at her house.  this was her third year hosting what has come to be the 'cousins christmas', just us three sisters and our kiddos.  the first year we only had 'the three musketeers', my sister erica's girls, last year we added little miss audrey to the mix, and this year, our bud joined the bunch.  it was a fun time for the cousins to play, make ornaments and open presents, and for us sisters to catch up.

watching big cousin kadence play

 sweet miss audrey enjoying her cucumber!

he loves silly cousin madyson 

 'here, let me show you how it's REALLY done'

'and i can also help you with that carrot, cousin audrey' 

someone loves his auntie erica

 the silly three musketeers before opening their presents

 and the silliest of them all...

i love these girls! 

and it wouldn't be christmas without fun socks

  • visiting macy's santaland - i really didn't think we'd squeeze this in this year, and since we DID technically get to meet santa in a more impromptu fashion earlier in the month, i was ok with that.  but two days before christmas, the hubs decided we needed to go experience macy's santaland, which we had heard so much about. so we went, and while i can't say it lived up to its hype (i guess it's been scaled down drastically in recent years from what it once was), it was worth it for a few reasons:
    • the macy's santa was great
    • they allowed us to take out own pictures (not sure if this is typical or just because we went the day before it was over) and this made it worth it for me!
    • the train set - our bud was captivated by it

while i wouldn't say he was scared of santa, he was certainly more than a little suspicious of the whole experience

  • day.  after opening presents at home in the morning, and our bud taking his morning nap, we made our way over to grandma and grandpa's house for the remainder of the day.  presents were opened, an amazing lunch (which centered around a delicious honey ham) was consumed, and then there was lots of lounging around and more eating to finish the day.  our little man was more than a little spoiled this first christmas by his grandma and grandpa.  it was a perfect day, and we couldn't have asked for a better christmas.  our bud is so very blessed to have his grandma sue and grandpa jerry!

christmas morning began with a zucchini muffin from nuvrei - his first time having one and he loved it...hence the crumbs!

 at grandma's, he was fascinated watching their lab, jackson, out the window


two of his favorite things from the day - a shiny gift bag and the red & white striped nike ball from grandma & grandpa.  he still chases the ball around the house every day

it was so great to have great-gram there for christmas day - bud was fascinated with her and her pearls 

'here, let me help you with that, dad' 

can't have too many wiffle balls

one of the main attractions - great-gram's walker, especially the wheels

and...last but not least, this picture made me laugh out loud when i saw it!  definitely an 'out-take' but too funny not to share

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