Friday, November 2, 2012

our dallas trip

at the end of september, my little munchkin and i visited my sister lygia who lives in dallas.  i love her dearly, and HATE that she lives sooooo far away!.  i'm lucky if i get to see her once a year, but am still working my powers of persuasion to convince she and her fam to move closer...

she has a two year old boy, luke, and is also preggers with baby #2, a sweet baby girl due in about a week, so my visit was special in more ways than one.

our dallas week was spent -

hanging at the park

{playing in the dirt is a must when you're two!} 

{love how sweet cousin luke was with ronan in this picture} 

{water fountains are not just for drinking} 

discovering starbucks  - you'd think being from the northwest, my bud would be at starbucks all the time, but i usually go there alone.  dallas was actually his first time at starbucks.  and isn't that high chair the coolest thing ever?

chilling at home with cousin luke and auntie lygia

 {haha, this was pretty much what the interaction between luke and baby boy looked like all week.  cousin luke wanted to play like a big boy, while our bud didn't always understand his big cousin's  shall we say 'rougher' methods.  by the end of the week, they were best buds, though.  :) }

 {love luke's expression here.  little superman may have been a little suspicious of his motives, though...}

 {...and rightfully so}

 {i love my auntie}

going to the texas state fair - this was definitely a highlight of the week.  i've been wanting to the daddy of all fairs for years now, so it was great to finally get the chance!  even more special that i could enjoy it with my sister and my bud...not that he'll really remember much of it, but i guess that's what the pictures are for, right? 

{HUGE animal area, although crowded was immensely enjoyed by this little boy}

and the fried food...seriously, everything you could imagine (and can't) was being fried and sold

{not sure how this is possible, but we didn't find out} 

so, naturally, we had to try some of it.  i mean, i didn't travel 2136 miles to watch my figure 

{fried mexican fire crackers, described like so on the website: "A yummy, spicy chicken, cheese and jalapeno mix wrapped in fresh-made masa dough and deep fried to a crispy, crunchy, explosion of flavor. OLE, JOSE!Served with fiery  TNT sauce." they were good, but i don't think we experienced quite the 'explosion of flavor' promised.}

{and some deep fried frito pie, aka: 'fried goodness'}

cooling off

and...BIG TEX!!  i was so sad to hear that this 60 year texas state fair icon burned down october 19th.  luckily, we were able to see him in all his 52-foot glory.

and some randomness...

  {ending the day with ice-cream...oh, and a human-sized gorilla in the background}

trying chick-fil-a for the first time something else i've wanted to do for a long time, but unfortunately, we don't have them in the northwest.  oh, but i got my fill in dallas not once, but twice.  best spicy chicken sandwich and waffle fries ever!

making romo food with my sister - she was hosting an international dinner the day after i left, so we made sarmale (romo cabbage rolls) and cornulete (prune filled pastries - pictured) together.  felt like childhood.

{she's got some serious technique; me, not so much, so i stayed out her hair and snapped pictures} 

pulling off a surprise baby shower  - i was thrilled to pull off a surprise baby shower dinner for lygia.  it took a bit of planning since i didn't know most of her friends or the local restaurants, and i wanted to keep it a secret.  fortunately, i had the help of her hubby and good friend, crystal.  i discovered the venue, rise no. 1, a french bistro centered around the souffle, on yelp, and it ended up being a fabulous place for my sister who loves most things french.  she has an amazing group of girlfriends who showed up to shower her and her little bundle with blessings, and it was a fun evening enjoyed by all.  oh, and the food was FANTASTIC!

{ummm, you had to be there}

capturing baby bump moments -  but the best part of my week in dallas was being able to capture maternity photos of my beautiful sister and her baby bump.  these are some of my favorite photos from those photo shoots (all the pics can be found here).

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Monica said...

WOW!!! Love this post. Love the boys together and how you captured/ narrarated their interaction. Love the pics of lyg and love the surprise shower! LOve it!