Monday, November 12, 2012

getting serious

yesterday i joined la fitness.  i'm really trying to be excited about it.

my bud is 10 months old, and other than taking the occasional leisurely walk and trying a mommy fitness and mommy/baby yoga class in the past week, i've done nothing. nada. zilch. as it relates to getting my body back in shape post-baby.

weight-wise, i'm right around what i was pre-baby (i credit breast-feeding for that).  but the weight has been re-distributed completely differently than before, so that none of my clothes fit.  hence, i wear the same 2 or 3 outfits over and over and over.  my back is completely shot (as is my posture), and i've lost any and all muscle mass i had before (aka. i'm totally flabby).

so you'd think i'd be uber-motivated to get toned and my clothes fitting again. especially since i used to love working out.  well, the way i felt afterwards, anyway.  i'm one of those people that needs to feel the pain, the burn that comes from a great workout to feel like it was worth my time.  the kind of pain that comes from taking a sculpt class where the drill sergeant-type instructor pushes you to do squats, lunges, dead-lifts, push-ups, burpees, and contort your body in other ways my mind has chosen to block out.  the kind of work-out that leaves you sore for days afterwards, yet you go back because it's addictive and you see results.

my nike friends know what i'm talking about (beth, anyone?!).  silly as it may sound, besides my nike family, what i miss most about working at nike are the amazing sports facilities and fitness classes that challenged me physically like nothing else i've ever tried.  i also underestimated the power of being surrounded by friends and co-workers who were motivated to work-out and thus, motivated me.  i guess i need someone constantly pushing me, at least when it comes to this.  so here i am, 10 months later, trying to motive myself to get back on track.  i haven't even started yet, but i can already tell not having a workout buddy is going to make this process much more difficult.

at least the la fitness club i've joined has a few things going for it:
  • it was a great deal (and i love me a good deal!)  - $29.99/month, $25 initiation, month-to-month, no contract
  • childcare costs $10/month, unlimited, up to two hours a day (not like i'm planning to work out for two hours a day, haha!)  but i checked other clubs in the area, and i know $10/month is unheard of.
  • all classes are included
  • the facility is close to my house, so i'll actually go
  • the facility is brand new, and (according to the sales person that helped me, anyway) is the largest one in clark county.  
  • the locker rooms are great, as is the sauna i hope to use occasionally
  • but most importantly...based on the tour i was given (and according to what the sales person told me) it didn't appear to be your typical meat-market gym scene.  i remember that from my bally's days, and that's one of the reasons i waited this long to check la fitness out.  the clientele is a good mix of young, old, stay-at-home moms and your after-work crowd.  a much more diverse scene than you'll typically find at this type of club, and that made me feel comfortable right away.
so tomorrow i'm scheduled for a physical assessment, a one-hour complimentary assessment they provide to all new members, and one that will probably really depress me when i behold the evidence of just how out of shape i am is right there in front of me in black and white.

do i really want to know what my % body fat is??

maybe it'll be just the push i need.  after that, hopefully it'll be full steam ahead.

now if i could only figure out how to eliminate these...

and these...

from my diet, i think i could really get somewhere.  after all, isn't 90% of getting back in shape related to diet??  oh man, if that's really the case, i think i may be a lost cause after all.


Shannon said...

! I've belonged for 5 years now, and I love LA Firness! Good Luck!

Monica said...

You can do anything you set out to do! Way to go, girl! (that treadmill next to my bed has been giving me a dirty look :))