Monday, November 19, 2012

10 months old

this year is rapidly coming to a close, and that means our bud is getting closer to one year old.  yikes and sobbbbb!!!

10 months old is such a fun age because every day is a new adventure.  i never quite know what new thing he's going to figure out how to do, but there's always something.  he know how to keep this mama on her toes, that's for sure.

10 month highlights (in completely random order) - 

  • teething has resumed after a one month (or was it a two week?) hiatus.  two more teeth are coming in on top (for a total of six teeth), and his nose has been running non-stop for over a week.  at first i thought it was a cold, but now there's no doubt it's just teething.  he's waking up at night again as a result, and wants to chew on EVERYTHING.  
  • loves having his teeth brushed - i use a rubber finger brush, and he opens his mouth wide and really enjoys the feel of the brush against his teeth and gums.  he's also stared holding onto my finger and gnawing on the brush where his new teeth are coming on.  whatever provides relief!
  • his hair is so long i either need to keep him in a hat, or deal with the fact it's in his eyes and will accumulate food throughout the day.  i'm this close to giving him his first haircut before his first bday. oh, if only he could wear bows!  and i'm sure if i'm ever blessed with a little girl, she'll be bald.
  • figured out how to climb down two stairs
  • has tried climbing up stairs, and we quickly discouraged him from that, so he's not a stair climber...yet.  our next home won't have stairs...for many reasons, including this one.
  • stands up holding on to everything he can, including people if they're on the ground next to him.  he's even attempted to only hold on with one hand, and once or twice has let go.  he's especially daring with this when he's on a bed.
  • his favorite 'toys' - the dishwasher, the fridge & freezer (which he screams if i close before he can get to) and zoe's food and water bowls (if we forget to put them out of reach).  he makes a bee-line for any of the above if they're available
  • loves pulling my glasses off my face
  • eating - this is our biggest success story! for a while in the last month or so, i was getting discouraged because he no longer seemed to care for the pureed foods i'd been making him and he'd been eating, such as sweet potatoes and carrots.  i blamed it on teething, but even during breaks in teething, he never quite came back around to them.  so i just started giving him random finger foods, and found that he loves them!  in the last couple of weeks he's had eggs, oatmeal, cheese sticks, chopped up carrots and peas, greek yogurt with a few drops of maple syrup (one of his favs) and sometimes with sweet potato puree mixed in, toast with veggie puree, avocado, etc.  but the most exciting thing was two nights ago when the hubs and i were eating indian butter chicken with quinoa for dinner and our bud was intensely eyeing us and acting like he wanted some.  i started feeding him from my plate, and he LOVED IT!  i was shocked because i just didn't expect him to enjoy such 'weird' flavors, for him anyway.  he had quite a bit, and i was thrilled!  then last night, we has split pea soup (complete with shredded ham) and again, he loved it!  i guess he's ready to eat big boy food, so who am i to limit his little palette to pureed foods, haha!
  • talking - his sounds and babbles are sounding more and more like real words and sentences. he's very expressive when he's trying to communicate his excitement or unhappiness to us, and it's usually pretty funny!
  • gives high fives - he's been doing this for a while, but now, after every time he does, he get's really excited and gives a little shriek of excitement as if to say, 'i did it!'
  • favorite playtime - after his last bottle of the day, right before he goes down for the night, the whole family plays on the big bed.  this has become part of our bedtime routine, and i would've thought that all the activity right before bed would make it more challenging for him to sleep, but on the contrary, once his energy is spent, he falls asleep right away.  he loves climbing over us, diving head-first into pillows, the blanket, and his boppy, purposely falling backwards and wrestling.  hearing his giggles as we play makes this my favorite part of the day.  :)
  • my favorite moment in the early hours - during his feeding (usually around 5-6am), after i'm done nursing him, he lays his head against my chest and stays there until he falls back asleep.  because moments when he stays still long enough to snuggle are few and far between since he's discovered his mobility, i cherish this so very much.

and some fall fun pictures we got in right before the crazy rains came.  his favorite part...chewing on the leaves, and once he remembered he could crawl around in them (about 30 seconds into it), there was no standing still and posing - he was on the move!

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Monica said...

Some of the best memories I have are related to the four seasons experienced by growing up in Chicago... so glad you guys are making those memories! Too, those "bad" memories of raking all the leaves that fell from the big tree in our backyard on the home on 4401 (across from Stevenson Elementary... remember 4th of July there?)- priceless!