Thursday, October 11, 2012

the cutest little pumpkin

yesterday our little man took his first trip to the pumpkin patch.  it almost didn't happen since he has a cold and i could only find one pumpkin patch open during the week in vancouver.  but since it looks like the nice weather is due to end after today, it was very important to me we squeeze in what will definitely become an annual family tradition.

joe's place farm wasn't the biggest or best pumpkin patch we've ever been too, but it was perfect for what we needed.  we got there with one hour to spare before they closed, and my goal was two-fold: get some fun photos of our bud, and spend some quality time together as a fam on a gorgeous fall day.  i'd say we accomplished both.  :)


Naomi said...

Aww I wish we could have done that when we visited. I can't wait to take a million pics with this guy.

tabi said...

nomers, if the weather cooperates when you're here, i'd love to take him to one of the bigger, really fun pumpkin patches around here! :)