Friday, October 26, 2012

more teething woes

i know moms whose children experienced little to no symptoms with teething.  LUCKY!!

and then there are moms like me, on the other end of the spectrum, whose little ones have an incredibly rough time with teething.

for the past few weeks, our bud has been teething pretty bad (his top teeth coming in), but the last few days have proved to be ruthless on a whole new level.

some of what we've been experiencing:
  • refusal to take naps - for the past few days, he's absolutely fought going down for his morning nap.  usually, he'll scream the second i enter his room, and even when i try to distract him (look out the window, read, sing), as soon as i place him in his crib, he cries and cries until i finally give up and get him.  today, he's refused to take any naps, and i KNOW he's tired, but i'm at a complete loss about what to do.
  • refusal to eat solids - from what i've read, this is common because eating solids is more painful.  supposedly, his appetite for solids will come back after the teeth are in, but it's been a couple of weeks now and i'm afraid he'll regress and only want milk again going forward.
  • cold-like symptoms - major congestion and runny nose are the only symptoms, and it took me a while to realize he didn't have a cold; these symptoms must be related to teething.  the congestion makes it challenging for him to drink milk, so i'm definitely feeding him more often.
  • major crankiness and general unhappiness - of course the lack of sleep is making him extremely cranky, and it seems nothing can console him.  he doesn't want his toys, he doesn't want to eat, he doesn't want any teething toys, rings, biscuits...anything.  i hear him chew on his blanky while in the crib, and will often find him on his tummy, butt in the air, face into the corner of the crib, blanky in mouth, just gnawing on it or his hand.   i know he's in pain, and it breaks my heart that there's nothing i can do about it. 
  • teeth grinding - this is a horrible sound, and it makes me realize just how much pain he must be in to feel the need to grind his teeth/gums together.
  • wanting to be held constantly - on the one hand, he's more cuddly, and i LOVE that.  but it's difficult to get anything done when i'm constantly holding him.  problem is, the second i put him down, he starts screaming and crawling after me.  so. sad.
i've tried the hyland's teething tablets, and they proved useless.  just today a friend told me about humphrey's teething tablets, so i'm going to pick some up and hope and pray they alleviate even a fraction of the pain he's experiencing. 

i've also heard it gets worse when the molars come in, but i just can't imagine it being worse than right now.  i guess he could be waking up multiple times at night, and that is the one thing he hasn't been doing, thank GOD.

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Monica said...

look at the bright side.... some people don't have teeth!