Tuesday, October 9, 2012

a hood river birthday

a couple of days ago, two dear friends whisked me away for a day of birthday celebration.  yes, almost a month late, due to scheduling conflicts, but we could NOT have asked for a more beautiful day!  it was close to 80 and sunny, but still a crispness in the air that spoke of autumn.

we explored the fruit loop in hood river, an incredibly scenic drive thru the valley's orchards, farmlands and small communities, and made a few stops at farms along the way.  we enjoyed the bounty of the area, and agreed we are incredibly blessed to live in this part of the country.

the day was topped off with dinner at the sixth street bistro in downtown hood river, and it was definitely a meal worth mentioning!  the curry, artichoke dip appetizer was enough to ensure our return.  :)  all in all, a spectacular day made all the more special because of the ladies i spent it with.

{old farm dog who didn't move a muscle} 

{best part of the day: this BEAUTIFUL rocker found at one of the farms; sarah and tams decided to gift it to me when i couldn't stop fawning over it - a birthday gift i won't ever forget and CAN'T WAIT to start using it for photo shoots!}


{amazing swing, although we never got our turn on it because these kids were swing hogs, haha!}

{...and the incredible curry artichoke dip.  Y-U-M!} 


Anonymous said...

awesome! you have such great friends! and the rocker?! seriously what a great present!
My only question is: what is that other plate of food??!! looks so good!

tabi said...

lol, lyg! that other plate of food was my meal a red coconut curry dish with chicken and a bunch of veggies...SO DELISH!!