Sunday, September 2, 2012

when cousins visit

a couple of weeks ago my brother danny and his family visited from phoenix, and stayed with us for a few fun-filled, busy days.  i've been working on this blog post since then and have come to the realization (not for the first time!) that i sometimes take way too many pictures!!

his family also happened to be here for the two hottest days of the year thus far, with temps hitting the 100 degree mark.  but the heat didn't stop us; instead we invited the entire fam over for bbq's and the found relief from the heat via sprinklers and pools.

the best part of their trip for me was seeing our bud interact with his two older cousins: eliana, 2 1/2 and emma, 14 months.  seeing his face light up when they were around was enough to melt this mama's heart, and really helped me understand why people have more than one child.  :)

some of my favorite moments - 

{sweet baby emma - i could eat her up}

{loved. loved. loved watching cousin eli playing with him; he, in turn, was utterly captivated by his big cousin}

{the younger cousins watching their oldest cousin mackenzie as she perused something on the iphone}

{madyson contemplating the splinkers...}

{...but not for long!}

{even the adults got in on the action}

{danny & baby emma}

{kadence stuck to the kiddie pool, and was joined by eli who decided she preferred the pool over the splinker}

 {mama, stop taking pictures}

{oldest cousin mackenzie is such a good helper & baby-sitter}

{oh, the grub!}

{and there was also red velvet from costco...YUMMMMM!}

{getting lots of love...}

{and from cousin kadence...although he may have been done with the lovin at that point}

{not sure what uncle adi was showing him; and i absolutely love this of mackenzie and him}

{showing us how and ice-cream sandwich should be eaten}

{haha, that expression cracks me up!}

{daddy and his girls - some of the sweetest moments i've ever seen}

{and of course, bud and his grandma sue - i think it's pretty apparent they love each other}


Amber said...

So many sweet moments Tabitha! We too love cousin time and I have taken way too many pictures in the past too! They are always fantastic to have and it never feels like enough when looking back, yet now with two little ones I am forced to restrain myself. Wish there was more time in the day!! :)

Anonymous said...

aww tab... I love all of these moments you captured. you truly do such a great job in getting awesome candids. I have to say I'd rather have too many rather than not enough photos. great post.