Thursday, September 27, 2012

pierogis & polka

ever since i've lived in portland, i've wanted to attend the annual polish festival.

maybe it's the eastern european in me, but since there's no romanian festival, i figured the polish one would be close enough. plus, i'm always looking for an excuse to attend a festival.

but the main reason i've been dying to go...PIEROGIS!  i'm obsessed with those filled balls of dough.

well, not only did i get to consume a fair amount of sauerkraut (oh yea!!) and mushroom filled pierogis, i unexpectedly ran into a work colleague from long ago and her sweet 6 month old.  but the best surprise of the day was the polka music and dancing.  the sweet, sweet sounds of the accordion instantly took me back to my roots.  then i had an ah-ha moment...i always thought i didn't enjoy dancing because i wasn't good at it, but as it turns out, i enjoy just has to be to polka!  :)

{yes, that's a HUGE dollop of sour cream...and no, i didn't eat all of it}

{he's got plenty of eastern european in him - he knows a good thing when he smells one!}

{he's not faking that excitement}

{found this at one of the booths - didn't expect to find a finnish trinket for sale}

{...or a romanian one}

{this guy though baby r was pretty one point he even kissed his feet}

{thoroughly exhausted after all the dancing we did!}

and a couple of always, the best ones were too long to post

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Angie Muresan said...

Love all the photos, Tab! By the way, there is a Romanian festival as well. They usually have it on the Labor Day weekend. We go every year and it is so much fun!