Friday, September 21, 2012

our bud {8 months old}

this month is flying by and there have been quite a few changes!

eating -
baby r started eating solids on a daily basis, and we've gone from one meal of solids per day to three.  not only has he figured out how to swallow his food without pushing it out with his tongue, he's also gone from one serving (contents of one ice-cube tray) to three servings at once, followed by about 1/2 bottle of milk.  so yes, baby boy is growing and so is his appetite!

we've also been experimenting with different veggies.  i've been making his food, and so far have held off on making any pureed fruit, as i really want to get him used to savory first.  so far his menu has consisted of zucchini, sweet potatoes, carrots and peas, always mixed with ground whole grain oatmeal for the iron.  it's no surprise that he prefers sweet potatoes to zucchini - so much for not introducing sweets right away!  my plan going forward is to mix a sweet veggie with one that isn't.  after that i'll start incorporating meat (pureed meat, which sounds gross, but we'll experiment.)

mobility -
he's been crawling since the beginning of the month, and every day he's motoring around at a faster and faster speed.  until yesterday, he moved his arms, and scooted both legs forward at the same time.  yesterday, he figured out how to move each leg independently, and that REALLY sped him up.  i still can't believe we have a mover on our hands!  the house still isn't baby-proofed, so we have to keep a VERY careful eye on him at all time.  he's no longer content to sit in his exersaucer or even in his jumper.  now that he has a taste of life on the go, he wants to GO ALL THE TIME!  as unprepared as i felt for a mobile baby, seeing the enjoyment he gets out of motoring around and exploring a whole new world brings me so much joy.  :)  and, i guess it's no surprise that his increased appetite coincided with his increased mobility.  sometimes he moves across a room so fast it leaves him out of breath, as though he just finished running a race.  the boy is burning calories...wish i could say the same for his mama.

also, as of yesterday, he's been mobile via a like-new walker i found at a local consignment shop.  he took to it right away, and the best part is he can be mobile in a confined area, which is the limitation of the jumper.  plus, we have hardwoods in our kitchen, so i can work away with my happy and mobile bud right by my side.  :)

sleep -
his current schedule is as follows:

  • wakes - between 6-7am, eats, i put him back in his crib where he usually talks for about 1/2 hour before he really lets me know he's ready to be up for the day.  on RARE occasions he may fall back asleep for another 45 min-1 hour.  those are the days mama wakes up happy!  :)
  • morning nap - usually around 9am and for about an hour.  on the lucky days, it's 1 1/2 hours 
  • afternoon nap - between 12-1pm and can go 2-3 hours, usually closer to 2 hours.  
  • the trickly part is if he is up again by 2pm-ish, there a 5 hour gap until his 7pm bedtime, during which he definitely seems to need another nap, but if he gets another nap, he won't be ready for bedtime until 8 or later.  not sure what other mommies do, but this is a dilemma for me, and sometimes he gets put down for the night at 6pm, just because he's READY!  i then pay for it the next morning when he's up before 6 and ready to go.  would love any suggestions in this regard...

communication -
he is a master babbler.  most of the time it sounds like 'dada' (i know he's not really saying DAD-a, but it makes the hubs happy to think so and we go along with it).  more and more, he's adding other sounds and syllables, and i have a feeling we're going to have a talker on our hands.  :)

oftentimes, he babbles more when he's tired, cranky or frustrated, so i'm convinced he's trying to communicate in his own way.  i've signed us up for baby signing classes beginning in october, and i'm beyond excited to learn to communicate with him in that way before he can actually communicate verbally.

it takes much more to keep him entertained nowadays.  even new toys become old much faster, and non-toys are typically what hold his attention the longest.  anything that has a tag on it is immensely fascinating, as are zippers and paper.  oh and anything that makes noise when he bangs it.  everything, of course, goes in the mouth, so he's under constant surveillance.

we read books every day, and he's become very adept at turning pages, especially with his left hand.  sometimes he wants to put the books in his mouth, but most of the time he enjoys turning pages, and reaching for colorful objects on the pages, especially ones that are red.  the most read books currently are 'who stole the cookie from the cookie jar' and 'the lttle mouse, the red ripe strawberry, and the big hungry bear'.

daddy bought baby r a bag of wiffle balls (his not-so-subtle attempt at introducing baseball from this young age!) and we roll them back and forth - he's become quite adept at pushing the ball back and either scooping it up or picking it up with his pinchers.  it's amazing to observe how quickly he catches on.

being out and about.  when he's in his stroller and outside the house, there are endless things to keep his attention, including other people, and he lasts MUCH longer before he gets bored or tired.  makes me sad that summer is coming to an end, because it's really going to limit our ability to get out, especially now that he's more mobile.  guess i'll have to get creative!

zoe, our dog, provides him with all sorts of entertainment.  he's constantly fascinated with her whereabouts, while she's a bit more wary of him and his ear-pulling tendencies!

but his favorite form of entertainment is OTHER CHILDREN, especially his 3 cousins, mackenzie, madyson and kadence, who fawn all over him.  i've been relegated to the position of chopped liver when he and i are in the same room with them...and that's a-ok with me.  seeing how much they love him and he loves them melts my heart.  :)

everything else - 

the hair - is growing like on steroids!  i was determined not to cut it before his first birthday, but it's now getting so long it's in his eyes, and since i'm not one to put product in his hair, i'm realizing he's probably going to require a haircut soon.  :(  i also think his long hair makes him look older than his 8 months.

his temperment - he is sooo well-natured, sometimes i feel like we'll probably pay for it later.  unless he's hungry or really tired, he's happy as a clam, especially right after being fed.

he's also becoming more and more affectionate, often reaching up and wanting to touch our faces or lean into us and snuggle.  he's quick to laugh, and becomes most giggly in the evenings, after he's fed and right before bedtime.  that's when he's at his cutest, and i'm convinced that's his way of manipulating us to let him stay up longer!

his health & development - his eczema is mostly cleared up, although it does occasionally flare up on his face or legs.  i attribute this to cutting fruit (which he's intolerant to) out of my diet and doing a good job of keeping his skin moisturized.  i've heard eczema can really flare up in the winter months though, so we'll see what happens.

he currently has his bottom two teeth, although i suspect it won't be long till the top two push thru.

oh, and he just got his first cold.  we went to the coast a few days ago, and while there, he developed a runny nose, congestion, and as of this morning, a cough.  a sick baby is no fun...

he loves to... - 
play peek-a-boo
drool - yep, this hasn't slowed down at all
splash in his bath
wiggle and flip over when mama changes his diaper or his clothes
purposely dropping things from his high chair
have his neck and back of the legs kissed - he's extremely ticklish


a quick photo shoot i did on one of our last really warm summer days about a week ago.  the adorable green car was a gift from a dear friend who has two little guys of her own.

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Naomi said...

that long hair does make him look like a big boy. Such a cutie. Can't wait to see him.