Wednesday, September 12, 2012

he's on the move!

well, today was the day our bud decided to become mobile.  HE'S CRAWLING!!!   not gonna lie, i'm just as apprehensive about the whole thing as i am excited.  i mean, we don't have any child-proofing done at all.  although, funny enough, just this morning, literally about an hour before he started crawling, i downloaded a FIVE PAGE child-proofing checklist to start looking at. talk about overwhelming!

looks like our bud beat us to the punch.

so, i was upstairs when the hubs witnessed the momentous FIRST crawl.  this is the video he captured:

i ran downstairs and of course had to capture my own video.  unfortunately, it's too long to be able to upload here, but needless to say, i was overcome with emotion, excitement, but also realizing that the days of setting him down and having him STAY are behind us.

life is about to get CRAZY!  :)

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