Tuesday, September 25, 2012

before & after

our family of three spent a couple of days at the coast last week.

we were supposed to have been accompanied by my sister naomi and her hubby, who were supposed to have been visiting us from chicago, but due to a soccer injury her hubby suffered the evening before they were scheduled to fly out, they postponed their trip to mid-october instead.  we were bummed, but just happy they're still coming.

since we already had the room reserved, we decided to go anyway and enjoy some of the last beautiful days of summer at the coast.

the hubs also had a great idea - since we were returning to the inn at spanish head, where we spent our honeymoon 9 years ago, it would be fun to try and recreate our favorite honeymoon picture.  he still even had the shirt and hat he wore 9 years ago!  just add in our bud and some funky red shoes, and i'd say we came pretty close.  :)




the day we arrived was cold and blustery and unfortunately, all it took was the minute or so from the car to inside the inn to knock our bud out with a cold (which he still has, 9 days later).  so we spent day one relaxing inside our room overlooking the ocean, eating take-out thai from a decent place we found in depoe bay, and keeping a sick baby as entertained as possible.

day two was a 180 change with blue skies and bright sunshine and temps in the 70's.  bud still wasn't feeling his best, but we bundled him up, threw him on our backs, and went for a long walk on the beach.  later, we explored depoe bay, and visited a friend who owns a shop down there.  the day was capped off with dinner at j's fish & chips, our fav place to eat in lincoln city.  

it was a quick trip, and while having a sick baby wasn't ideal, he was an incredible trooper!  it was a wonderful two days away and having our bud with us this time made it perfect.

taken with the point & shoot - 

{already teaching him how to skip rocks}

{watching the puppies in depoe bay}

{not feeling 100%, but still giving mama a smile}

taken with my DSLR and edited - 


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