Saturday, September 1, 2012

baby song

i stumbled upon this poem today, and it spoke volumes to me because it expresses everything i've been feeling since the day my bud was born, yet wasn't able to articulate nearly as well.

and now, as my bud is one the cusp of beginning to crawl, i once again wish i could make time stand still, if even for a month or two.

just to have his hand seek mine out and hold tightly to my fingers.
just to have him lock eyes with me as he's nursing.
just to catch him watching me from across the room and see his face light up as we make eye contact.
just to have him small enough to cradle in my arms and rock him to sleep.
just to hear his laughter as i kiss his neck and squeeze him tight.
just to see his gummy, drool-y smiles.
just to hear his baby coos.

that's all i want for just a season longer.



At first you didn't lift your head; 
You didn't know to smile. 
The time before you knew my voice 
Seemed such a long, long while. 
I couldn't wait for you to roll, 
And then to sit and clap. 
And now you're off and crawling,
 Not helpless in my lap. 

 Why didn't someone tell me 
How fast a baby grows, 
That every little baby stage 
Soon comes, but sooner goes. 

 So I'll enjoy the fleeting time 
Before you learn to walk. 
And treasure every tiny noise 
Before you learn to talk. 

 For soon you'll learn to walk, 
Then run, 
And talk and sing a song, 
And never be my babe again. 
The babe's forever gone. 
Little baby, take your time, 
For while you're tiny, you are mine.

{Diane Woolley}

{one day old}

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Anonymous said...

oh Tab, this is just so sweet and the photo is absolutely lovely. yes the time passes way too fast.