Monday, September 17, 2012

a picnic & a dinner

a week ago baby r turned 8 months old.

what better way to celebrate than a picnic with daddy, burgerville, and of course, swing time on the playground?  :)

{watching daddy eat - 'hey, when do i get a burger??'}

{stealing mama's burger - 'oh, there's mine!'}

{can't believe what a big boy he looks like!  must be that mop of hair...}

{he loves pulling up the grass}

{love this}

{oh that face!  one of my fav pictures of him yet}

later that same day, we met grandma, grandpa and uncle ryan at beaches restaurant for an early birthday dinner.  we had an amazing view from our outdoor table, where bud also thoroughly enjoyed himself.  it was a fun late summer evening spent with family.

{someone was excited about the menu!}

{trying to steal mama's dinner}
{and uncle ryan's dinner...}

{fascinated with grandpa's face}
{an after-dinner walk along the beautiful columbia}

and the only videos short enough to post here were of him tasting lemon for the first time...

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