Monday, August 13, 2012

the first time he saw animals

last friday we joined my sisters and their kiddos at the zoo.  it was my bud's first time at the zoo, and luckily grandma sue was also able to come along.  :)

the day started off chilly, but got up close to 90 degrees by the time it was all said and done.  and although we had only planned to be there for a couple of hours, by the time we left the zoo, we had been there SEVEN hours!  i'm not sure how, because it only felt like a couple, but i guess that's what happens when there are 5 children under the age of 7 in the mix.

it really was the perfect day at the zoo - we saw tons of animals, even after it got warm, my bud got to hang out with all 4 local cousins and his grandma, and i even discovered a place that sells a better than average chicken salad, and that's saying a lot considering what zoo food is normally like!

my nieces' excitement was contagious, and it made me all the more excited for when my bud is older - i can't wait to experience the zoo through his eyes!

{we waited and waited for the hippos to make an appearance, and when they finally did, the funniest quote of the day was heard: 'hippos come to those who wait', haha!}

{yes, the cougar was RIGHT on the window}

{jen & little miss audrey}

{our self-designated tour guide}

{the silly - and beautiful - miss mackenzie}

{the silly three musketeers!}
{miss mackenzie was such a big help - she insisted on pushing the stroller for a good part of the day...and i happily obliged}
{i can't get enough of him in those shades!  so far, he hasn't learned how to remove them}
 {crawling around after her cousin kadence}
{the many faces of precious baby audrey}

{someday they'll play together, but they did a pretty good job of ignoring each other at the zoo}

{they were fascinated with the rotary phone - i guess their generation's going to consider it an ancient artifact}
{they love each other and that makes my heart happy}

{getting a closer look at the zebra and giraffes}
 {love my silly girls!}

{mama and her girls - tired after SEVEN hours!}

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