Thursday, August 16, 2012

sweet baby bud {7 month update}

we just skipped right over his 6 month update.

last month was pretty crazy - we were out of town for his 6 month birthday, and we also weren't able to get in for his 6 month doctor's appt until yesterday.

so this is his 6 month update, one month late.  :)


our sweet baby bud at seven months - 

  • weight: 18 lbs, 11 oz (50th percentile) - and my back definitely feels this!  i still carry him around in the car seat and am thinking it's probably time to stop doing that
  • height: 28 inches (75th percentile.  this went up from 50th percentile the last few appointments, so we'll see if it continues tracking this way.  the hubs was certainly excited about it!)
  • he sits up without support for an extended period of time - AND has great posture while doing it!
  • rolls over onto tummy the second he's laid down; he now rolls over in both directions
  • when on his tummy, pushes himself up to his knees and lunges forward - i have a feeling he'll be crawling any day...and i'm not ready for that!
  • moves objects from one hand to another
  • drags objects to himself
  • looks for hidden objects - i usually have my cell phone handy and he's usually trying to grab it, which results in me hiding it under a nearby pillow. it cracks me up the way he tries looking under the pillow for it...
  • wants to grab everything including our faces
  • requires a lot more entertaining than even a month ago - get's bored much more easily, so we're constantly switching activities.  he's most distracted and calm when we're out and about (grocery shopping, running misc. errands, etc. and he can look around at different things/people).  he also remembers toys he's played with frequently, and wants nothing to do with them, so we've learned to rotate his toys, so he goes longer periods between them.
  • hasn't started eating solids yet (until now, he's been exclusively breast-fed and supplemented about 30% with goat's milk).  we were waiting for the green light from his doctor (because of his eczema), and we got it at his appt yesterday, so it's going to be full steam ahead with the peas and carrots!  also found out from his doctor that it's important to feed him rice cereal or baby oatmeal - basically any baby cereal that's iron-fortified, because at his age, he needs more iron than he can get from breast-milk.
  • is much more distracted while he eats, twisting his body this way and that so he can see anything and everything going on around him...even when there's nothing and no one else!  
  • feet are in the mouth A LOT!  he even tries to put his foot in his mouth while drinking milk.  and when it's not in his mouth, he's holding it up by his face.  too funny.   
  • big-time wiggle-worm when it comes time for diaper changes, which makes diaper changes that much more interesting
  • still no teeth, but the bottom two are visible at the gum line - his doctor thinks they'll erupt in the next couple of weeks
  • the drooling has increased, as if that was even possible!  my guess is it's directly related to the teething, but since he'll be teething for a LONG time to come, will he keep drooling at this same pace??  please say it isn't so, or else i should be stocking up on more bibs
  • moments/days of increased crankiness/irritability - again, i blame it on the teething
  • takes 2 naps/day - one morning nap around 9am for ~ two hours and an afternoon nap between 1-2pm for three hours (although the length can vary from day to day)
  • gets VERY excited and starts panting (for lack of a better word) when he sees the bottle - he does not mess around when he's hungry!
  • does a lot of jibber-jabbering/baby-talking, especially in the mornings and when he wakes from naps. but sometimes he's most vocal when he's upset and it sounds like he's really giving me a piece of his mind!  
  • still sings himself to sleep, usually in the car
  • gives the biggest, gummiest smiles that turn me into a big pile of mush
  • is starting to not want to be separated from  mommy/daddy, especially when we put him down for the night
  • LOVES zoe (our frenchie) - unfortunately, she's recovering from a couple of surgeries, so they haven't had much interaction, but if she's around, he stares at her with a big grin on his face.  if we allow it, she loves licking his hands and feet, and he doesn't seem to mind at all.  we can't wait for her to fully heal up - we anticipate they will be good friends!
  • loves playing peek-a-boo
  • sticks out his tongue CONSTANTLY and it's my favorite look on him!
  • his hair has gotten really long, and i'm not sure if it's the length or the heat, but it no longer has the volume in the back it once did - no more rooster feather for him.  
  • loves his jumperoo - basically loves to jump and stand up on his legs, whether it's using the jumperoo or while someone's holding him up
  • loves the water - he's been able to have some pool-time this summer, and he loves kicking his legs once they get in the water
  • now that he can sit up, he loves bath time even more.  he's figured out how to splash, and daddy even got him his first rubber ducky
  • favorite song: 'itsy-bitsy spider', complete with hand gestures and a tickling session
  • favorite game: the 'mama's gonna get you' game - which basically consists of me looking at him in a sneaky sorta way and saying 'i'm gonna get you' as i advance toward him - i swear, he could play this game all day long, and gets hysterical every time!  it's one of the funniest things i've ever seen, and hearing him laughing hysterically at something so simple is truly one of life's joys.

what most people comment on - 
  • how alert & curious he is
  • his eyes
  • how much hair he has
  • his straight back/good posture.  :)
  • his cheeks - they're so squeezable!
  • what a good baby he is - and i agree - we got a good one  :)

  • still waking up 1-2 times/night - he slept thru the night beginning at 9 weeks (we followed the babywise method and it worked successfully for us); then around the 5 month mark, he began waking up again.  i thought it was due to a growth spurt and /or teething, so i would feed him and put him right down.  but that developed into a pattern, and he's still doing it, two months later.  the input we received from his doctor yesterday was that it's most likely not growth spurt or teething related now, just a learned habit, whereby he's learned that he needs mommy there to be able to fall back asleep.  his dr said he's definitely old enough to be able to sleep thru the night without extra food, and it's just a matter of 're-training' him (unless i want to wake up multiple times in the middle of the night, in which case it's a matter of personal preference).  so, the recommendation was to let him 'work it out' (i think that's the politically correct way of saying 'cry it out') on his own the next few nights, and he should be able to establish a new pattern in a few days.  we don't have a problem with that, but we'll see how it goes, i guess.  we've certainly been guilty of rocking him to sleep on numerous occasions.  on one hand, i want him to sleep thru the night; on the other hand, he's only going to be this small and 'rock-able' for such a short period of time, and i want to soak up every one of those moments too. 

overall, the last couple of months have brought about the most drastic changes in his development thus far!  it seems like he's transformed from a baby to a little boy in a matter of a month and half...he just doesn't seem like a baby anymore.  that makes me sad some days, but this is also SUCH a fun stage that i wouldn't trade it (or him) for anything!

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