Monday, August 13, 2012

oaks park & pool time

whew, this is going to be my last post of the day.  i'm pretty sure this is a record for me - 3 posts in one day! but i had the luxury my bud taking a long afternoon nap and the lack of motivation to do much else, so this was the end result.  :)  at least now i'm mostly caught up.

on saturday, my bud and i joined my sister and fam (they sure get out and about much, don't they??) at oaks amusement park and later, for a pool party at their place.  my good friend and her boys were able to join us at the pool, and it was the perfect end to a hot summer's day.

my friend also blogged about it here and posted some of the pics she took with her 'good' camera.  i, on the other hand, have recently re-discovered my point & shoot camera, and have been taking most pics that way.  the quality of the photos isn't even close to the same, and i don't put a whole of thought into the composition or editing process, but when all i'm trying to do is quickly document our experience, the small pocket camera is so much more convenient!!   i also found i'm much more apt to download and edit the much smaller files than i am to touch the raw ones i take with my dslr.

a few of the highlights from our day...

{mackenzie going for a whirl}

{mackenzie & madyson on the tugboat - no hands!} 

{just had to make sure he was really sleeping}

{they're still obsessed with his baby toes - and so am i!} 

{battle of the curly fry - i think kadence won that one} 

{he loves the water} 

{being loved on by his cousin madyson and auntie erica} 

{'whatcha got there??' trying to sneak some cheerios}

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Amber said...

Your friend Bobi is a superb photographer! I love her soft, vintage style. Such beautiful pictures on her blog of your family :))