Monday, August 6, 2012

a day to picnic

the last couple of days were scorchers!  and i don't mean scorchers for the northwest, which our weather forecasters deem to be anything north of 80 degrees.  they were bonafide scorchers - 100 degrees on saturday and close to that yesterday.

saturday was mainly spent in the air-conditioned comfort of our home, but yesterday we decided to join my sister's family and other friends for a day of picnicing at benson state park in the gorge.  

we spent the day bbq'ing, eating lots of tasty romo grub (mici and sarmale!), unexpectedly running into old friends, playing volleyball, hanging with the cousins and just relaxing with our bud.  

a few of the moments captured with my point & shoot, although it was one of those days where my camera stayed in my purse most of the day...and that's a good thing.  :)

{cousin kadence was obsessed with his toes!}

 {he was pretty fascinated with her too!}

{lots of cotton candy and snow cone eating}

{everyone chillin in a chair their own size - love the canopies on the girls' chairs} 

{that tongue was out most of the day - so cute!} 


{mesmerized with auntie erica's bedazzled iphone case} 

 {sitting up on his own and playing with his older-by-6 weeks bud, luke - and just check out that great posture!}

{sporting THE coolest shades!  and we were so happy grandma sue was able to hang out all day!!}

 {my silly miss madyson}

{with our boys} 


Anonymous said...

I cannot believe it was so hot in Oregon! I love the pics you take Tab...lets me see all of my beautiful cousins and of course the gorgeous kiddos. It was really nice to see you and Lyg here in AZ & spend some time with you guys...and of course see little Ronan. He is too adorable! Erica's girls are getting so big and beautiful as well! Lastly, that picture with Ronan sitting up...he has your posture for sure! I always remember you having the best posture when sitting lol

Naomi said...

Loving all the pics, as usual. I can't get enough of them with Ronan and the girls. I can't believe his good posture. And his tongue sticking out is just the funniest. I hope the good weather holds up for my visit. But I can do without this 100 degree business. I've had enough of that this summer here in Chicago.

Anonymous said...

It was so wonderful seeing you guys at the park, I'm glad our boys find each other so interesting. looking forward to what's ahead for us as they grow. :)

tabi said...

so which AZ cousin left the first comment?? :)