Wednesday, August 1, 2012

a close to perfect saturday

last saturday i left my bud for eight hours, the longest length of time i've been away from him.  yes, i left him with his daddy, but it was also the longest length of time the hubs had spent alone with him, so we were both a tad apprehensive.

but i had to tend to a girls' day out to celebrate a dear friend's birthday.  the plan consisted of wine tasting, and dinner & a movie, and we stuck to our plan...with a few detours along the way.  :)

it was the PERFECT day for wine-tasting in the hills of dundee & dayton - sunny and low 80's.  we set out to try a couple of smaller wineries that i had read great things about on yelp (can i just say how much the researcher in me loves yelp?) - white rose estates & deponte cellars.

we decided we would definitely return to both, especially deponte, where the tasting fee included six samples, including their melon de bourgogne, a yummy white wine.  they also had amazing customer service, and best of all was their patio overlooking their beautiful vineyards.  it was a much needed time to unwind with good friends and great conversation, and we all agreed it was the most relaxed we had been in a VERY LONG TIME.  we could easily have spent another few hours on that patio.

on our way to dinner we made an impromptu stop (there may or may not have been a u-turn involved) at 'the sweetest thing' cupcake shop in newberg, where the owner stayed open a few minutes longer just for us, and where we proceeded to have dessert first.  my smores cupcake was divine, and the others were wrapper-licking good!

our last stop of the day was the newly opened cinetopia in beaverton, where we planned to enjoy dinner & a movie.  we ended up needing to do a last minute movie change... and watched 'the watch'.

let's just say it was a movie-watching experience we won't soon forget.  not only did we manage to accidentally sit in the only three handicapped seats in our theater (no wonder they were the only seats still available - we thought we had just gotten lucky!), after we ordered our food and the movie was minutes from starting, we were told there was in fact a gentleman and his wife who needed our seats.  oops.  luckily, it all worked out with management bringing in two extra seats, but lets just say we were just a bit embarrassed.

and then the movie started.  not only was it NOTHING like what the previews made it out to be (spoiler alert...saving the earth from aliens is a big part of the plot!),  it was the most bizarre, ridiculous and safe to say, worse movie i've seen in a long time, maybe ever.  so much so there was nothing to do but laugh about it...even though it wasn't terribly funny.

all in all, despite the movie (and even that will make a great story) it was a wonderful day with two lovely ladies, and much, much needed girl's time.  can't wait to have a repeat sooner than later!

oh, and i'm happy to report both daddy and sweet baby bud survived.  :)


Anonymous said...

So proud of you for taking a day like this for yourself. I'm sure it was great for you but also for your hubs and bud to have some "male bonding time".
looks like you had an awesome time the photos really give a great glimpse into your day. not gonna say how much I could use a day like this... hmm I just did.

tabi said...

bobi - i could ALWAYS use another day like this!! let's make it happen before the summer is out. :)