Saturday, June 9, 2012

saying goodbye

this week i said goodbye to nike, where i've been employed for almost six years.

but it wasn't just a goodbye to the corporate world; it was HELLO to full time mommy-hood.

i felt such a range of emotions as i called to give my manager my final decision and tell her i wouldn't be returning from maternity leave.

relief because the decision was finally made and officially communicated to nike.  it was an incredibly difficult decision for a number of reasons, and the hubs and i went back and forth for months, right down to the wire, as to what we should do.  it just felt good to make the decision and KNOW it was final.

joy because staying home with my sweet baby bud and raising him is my greatest heart's desire and what i feel i'm being called to do at this juncture in my life.

peace because i know with all my heart this is the right decision, despite how difficult it was.

scared because quitting a great job with great benefits, especially in this economy, IS scary.  but this was our time to step out in faith and believe it will work out.  we will need to make more than a few sacrifices, and there will probably be days where i wish i was sitting back at my desk on the second floor of KG, but i also know my sweet baby's smiles and giggles will overshadow any fear or anxiety i may feel.

sadness that such a huge chapter in my life has ended.  yes, i'll still be able to keep in touch with many of the incredible people i've come to know and friends i've made over the past 6 years, but it won't be the same as seeing them every day.  nike has been my second home and second family for a long time, and saying goodbye is one of the hardest things i've ever had to do.  bittersweet probably sums it up best.

but above all, i feel blessed that i have the opportunity to stay home with my little munchkin.  i know many women would like to and can't, so i hope and pray i never take it for granted and that i never take my mommy responsibility lightly.

what i'll always remember about my time at nike - 

  • making friendships that i know will last the rest of my life (like my kindred spirit, steph)
  • running hood-to-coast for the first time
  • SCULPT! and group centergy and dynamic yoga - basically, BETH.  and everyone i suffered through those classes with
  • visiting memphis - gus's fried chix and fried green tomatoes!
  • the sw chix salad and the buffalo chix wrap - of course i had to add food.  :)
  • coffee 'meetings' in the boston deli
  • taking my first self-defense class
  • swim lessons
  • summer lunches on the jbs patio
  • run/walks on the berm
  • speed mentoring and presenting to the EFLT
  • athletes on campus - federer, sampras, and my favorite, nadal
  • hearing stories about jack

and so many more that i can't think of right now - i blame it on my mommy brain!


Amber said...

Wow, congratulations on this BIG decision!!! One that you'll never regret, for sure.

jgorger said...

All it takes is one look at that picture...melts my heart! I agree, you will never regret the time you spend at home. SO happy for you!

the o's said...

tabi, I follow your blog from back when we all started our little photography club with amber - although I don't think we've ever actually met! I have seen most of your pasts since your sweet boy was born, and this was the one I just HAD to comment on. I, too, worked at Nike for 5+ yrs before I decided to stay home with my son - and I can completely relate to all your emotions. and all the things I miss about Nike are the same - right down to the amazing workouts and the sw chkn salad at tarheel or coffee meetings in Boston deli! congrats on a great decision - its been 3.5 years since I made the decision, and although there have been times I've missed my Nike days, I've never once regretted leaving. step out in faith and you will see the great benefits! congrats to you and your boys! :)

tabi said...

ladies, thanks so much for your support and words of encouragement! i'm loving every minute of being a stay home mommy, but it's not a super easy job that's for sure, and having the support of women who have been there, done that is so very uplifting. :)