Thursday, June 21, 2012

it's beginning to look a lot like summer

we've had two consecutive 80+ degree days, which around here means summer has finally arrived!

we're just going to choose to forget that the next couple of days are forecasted to be 65 and rainy...

yesterday, in-between his naps, i took my sweet bud out into our backyard and we enjoyed a bit of summer.

can you guess what his new favorite thing to do is?  it was hard to find one good picture where he wasn't sticking his tongue out.  :)


Naomi said...

I'd take your weather over mine these days. We've had back to back days of 90 plus weather. I can't take this heat and humidity. This summer is going to be brutal.

But I cant wait to see this lil guy and his tongue sticking out. So adorable.

tabi said...

nomers - yea, the humidity would be brutal! luckily, we rarely get much of that.

I can't wait for you to see him again - who knows what he'll be like in a few months when you make it out here again? :)