Wednesday, June 27, 2012

my bud at 5 1/2 months

time passes at warp speed when you have a cliche, but so true!

how my bud is already 5 1/2 months old, i don't know.

he loves
sticking out his tongue
smacking his tongue against his lips, making a kissing sound
holding onto his feet (although they haven't made into his mouth yet)
squealing AT THE TOP OF HIS LUNGS when happy and after he wakes up...and sometimes just because
opening his mouth wide for kisses - ahhhh, this just melts me
hand-snacking, sometimes just his thumb, sometimes most of his hand
tugging at his ears, especially his right one
DROOLING - this is an understatement!  he soaks thru 4-5 bibs day
flipping over onto his stomach as soon as he's set down (but still can't flip back)
giggling when mama makes funny or 'i'm gonna get you' faces at him
belly-laughing when he gets tickled under his arms or chunky thighs
trying to sit up although he can't do this unassisted yet
being naked and becomes the biggest squirmy worm every time his diaper gets changed
grabbing onto whatever he can get his hands on, including mama's hair if it's within reach
sizing strangers up before deciding if he's going to smile at them or not
kicking his legs and arms, and he's strong!
trying to hold onto his bottle
kicking his legs and punching his arms about, especially when he's being fed

what i love (and don't ever want to forget)
the way he smiles really big when i go get him in the morning or after a nap
the way he anticipates kisses and closes his eyes, scrunches up his face and opens his mouth wide for them
the way he laughs when i kiss his neck
the way that once he's laughing he can't stop and almost anything, even a look, will keep him going
the way he sometimes holds my hand when he eats
the way he knows me - my face, my voice -  and responds instantaneously
the way he points his toes when held standing up
the way he 'sings' himself to sleep in the car and sometimes at night
the way he tries to sneak a thumb while he's nursing
the twinkle in his eye when he's being playful
his sad face, which is also his funniest face
the way he can't decide between being sad and happy when he's put down for the night, so he alternates between his sad face and smiling and crying...and it's one of the funniest things he does
the way his face lights up when he sees his bottle; and the way he screams if it isn't placed in his mouth RIGHT AWAY!

he's no longer crazy about
his swing
his mobile
reading on his back
being on his back, period.
sleeping thru the night
sleeping in the car
toys that he's seen one too many times; BORING, mama!

changing sleep patterns - i'm not into hyper-scheduling, but i do believe it's important to have somewhat of a routine for the baby's sake.  the current routine that he's established for himself is a nap around 10am and another around 2.  the naps range anywhere from 1- 2 hours long.  we also started a bedtime routine between 7-8pm, which he took to right away.  the only problem (for me) is that he now wakes up twice in the middle of the night (around midnight and again around 4am) and then he's up for the day around 6:30 or 7am.  i can't wait for the days when he'll actually sleep all the way thru the night.  to get an uninterrupted night of sleep seems like such a luxury!!  

i'm also still trying to figure out how other moms with babies this age get out of the house for extended periods of time??  if i need to get out for errands i do it between his naps, but we're always rushing back home for his next nap because he no longer sleeps in the car/carseat very long or well.  so for those moms that try to keep their babies on their normal nap schedule, do you sometimes feel confined to your home??  i don't really see an alternative except  having him sleep in 10-30 minute increments while we're out and about, which obviously doesn't provide him with the good sleep i know he needs.  and i strongly believe one of the reasons he is such a happy and contented baby is because he gets good rest.  

my bud and his newest *toy* - purchased off craigslist for $20 yesterday (from a lady with EIGHT children, the youngest 3 days younger than my bud) - i love me a good deal, and i think it's safe to say he loves it too!  :)

Monday, June 25, 2012

swinging into summer

cheesy, i know, but i can't help it.  :)

last wednesday was the first day of summer.
it was also a VERY beautiful day.
and the first time my sweet baby bud tried out a swing.

i discovered a great park close to our house, complete with baby swings.  not only did he love the swing, he was fascinated with all the other kids on the playground.  i foresee lots of time spent at the playground this summer!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

it's beginning to look a lot like summer

we've had two consecutive 80+ degree days, which around here means summer has finally arrived!

we're just going to choose to forget that the next couple of days are forecasted to be 65 and rainy...

yesterday, in-between his naps, i took my sweet bud out into our backyard and we enjoyed a bit of summer.

can you guess what his new favorite thing to do is?  it was hard to find one good picture where he wasn't sticking his tongue out.  :)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

bath time when you're 5 months old...

looks a little something like this - 

naked baby.  check.

smile that melts mama's heart.  check.

cutest wrinkly baby butt.  check.

rooster feather, bald spot AND mullet.  check.

sweet baby rolls and cheeks.  check.

cutest toes EVER.  check.

squeaky clean and happy.  check.

wild hair.  check.

love of my life.  check.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

saying goodbye

this week i said goodbye to nike, where i've been employed for almost six years.

but it wasn't just a goodbye to the corporate world; it was HELLO to full time mommy-hood.

i felt such a range of emotions as i called to give my manager my final decision and tell her i wouldn't be returning from maternity leave.

relief because the decision was finally made and officially communicated to nike.  it was an incredibly difficult decision for a number of reasons, and the hubs and i went back and forth for months, right down to the wire, as to what we should do.  it just felt good to make the decision and KNOW it was final.

joy because staying home with my sweet baby bud and raising him is my greatest heart's desire and what i feel i'm being called to do at this juncture in my life.

peace because i know with all my heart this is the right decision, despite how difficult it was.

scared because quitting a great job with great benefits, especially in this economy, IS scary.  but this was our time to step out in faith and believe it will work out.  we will need to make more than a few sacrifices, and there will probably be days where i wish i was sitting back at my desk on the second floor of KG, but i also know my sweet baby's smiles and giggles will overshadow any fear or anxiety i may feel.

sadness that such a huge chapter in my life has ended.  yes, i'll still be able to keep in touch with many of the incredible people i've come to know and friends i've made over the past 6 years, but it won't be the same as seeing them every day.  nike has been my second home and second family for a long time, and saying goodbye is one of the hardest things i've ever had to do.  bittersweet probably sums it up best.

but above all, i feel blessed that i have the opportunity to stay home with my little munchkin.  i know many women would like to and can't, so i hope and pray i never take it for granted and that i never take my mommy responsibility lightly.

what i'll always remember about my time at nike - 

  • making friendships that i know will last the rest of my life (like my kindred spirit, steph)
  • running hood-to-coast for the first time
  • SCULPT! and group centergy and dynamic yoga - basically, BETH.  and everyone i suffered through those classes with
  • visiting memphis - gus's fried chix and fried green tomatoes!
  • the sw chix salad and the buffalo chix wrap - of course i had to add food.  :)
  • coffee 'meetings' in the boston deli
  • taking my first self-defense class
  • swim lessons
  • summer lunches on the jbs patio
  • run/walks on the berm
  • speed mentoring and presenting to the EFLT
  • athletes on campus - federer, sampras, and my favorite, nadal
  • hearing stories about jack

and so many more that i can't think of right now - i blame it on my mommy brain!