Wednesday, May 23, 2012

136 days

that's how many days have passed since i held my sweet baby bud for the first time.

or said another way, my baby boy is 4 1/2 months (19 weeks) old.

either way, much too old if you ask me!

i'm not sure how to reconcile the insanely cute stage he's in with the fact that i feel he's growing way too fast.

but since i don't have much control over that, and since this is the funnest stage yet AND i am enjoying every adorable moment, here's what i don't want to forget...

my bud at 4 months - 

  • weighs 14 lbs 14 oz and is 25 inches long, smack dab in the 50th percentile for both, so the jury is definitely still out on whether he'll be tall like his daddy (6'2")
  • is so much more than a 'blob' as his daddy called him the first couple of months
  • wears mostly 6 month clothes, although some 6-9 and 9 month as well
  • his hair has personality - not just his 'indian feather' on top but a mullet and bald spot in the back to make things interesting
  • his hair is really coming in, much to his grandma i's delight - she also hopes it stays dark
  • his eyes are changing from a blue/gray to a blue/hazel - a mix of mommy & daddy's eyes
  • rolls over as of 3 1/2 weeks ago - hasn't figured out how to roll back though, which is often a source of frustration for him
  • naps in his swing
  • resists naps, but is usually out within a couple of minutes and sleeps for 1-3 hour stretches
  • usually takes a mid-morning nap, afternoon nap, and as of five days ago, we started his bedtime routine between 7-8pm.  jury's still out on its success - the first two nights, he slept till the morning, the last two nights he woke in the middle of the night, but we blame teething
  • and speaking of teething - he's been a drooling machine since about 2 1/2 months, but just in the last week or so, he seems to be aggressively teething - coughing (from the excess saliva), congested, difficulty eating (due to difficulty breathing), hands constantly in mouth, etc.  we expect to see a tooth any day now!
  • loves to be swaddled at night, and regardless how tired, will smile really big as soon as the swaddle goes on.  the miracle blanket is the only swaddler that works anymore, and our little houdini even manages to escape it every once in a while
  • loves to stare, smile and talk to himself in the mirror
  • as soon as his diaper comes off, he turns into the biggest squirmy-worm
  • is still unsure how he feels about baths
  • loves having his face stroked
  • finds it hilarious when i count to him - laughs out loud as i say each number
  • wakes up smiling every morning
  • has started holding on to his feet; usually one hand is in the mouth, the other is on the feet
  • and speaking of feet, i'm still obsessed with his toes - still haven't found anything better than sweet baby toes and feet - they get lots of kisses!
  • loves his mobile in about 10 minute increments
  • LOVES his activity mat - has gotten very good at batting at things, and loves holding on to and pulling the rings
  • most current nicknames - bestest bud, sweet baby love, sweet baby bud, mama's love 
  • doesn't always smile at strangers right away, but will definitely reward with a big smile after a few seconds of being talked with and once he's had a chance to size the person up
  • is extremely alert - follows everything happening around him at home and when out and about
  • locks eyes with me and seems to be very much in tune to my mood
  • has discovered his voice, especially his high-pitched squeal
  • is still fighting eczema - seems to be getting a bit better on his body, but still fairly bad on his face, which isn't helped by the drooling
  • is still breast-fed, although have started supplementing lightly (with similiac alimentum hypoallergenic formula) due to my diminishing milk supply
  • loves going for drives in the car - nothing puts him to sleep faster
  • can hold his head up on his own
  • still a bit too small for his bumbo - it works for a couple of minutes until he slides to the side
  • has graduated to the big stroller (vs. snapping his infant car seat into the stroller)
  • just applied for his passport - we're looking forward to some fun trips this year!
  • is extremely ticklish and will laugh hardest when being tickled and kissed at the same time - most ticklish spots - under his thighs, side of his torso up to his underarms, neck and when stroked from the top of his head down to his chin.  i could listen to his infectious laugh ALL DAY LONG

nowadays, it seems there are changes happening each day, and i don't want to miss a single second.  that has meant putting some things (like my photography and frequent blogging) on the back-burner.  not forever, but i'm learning to better prioritize because i don't ever want to have regrets.  and something tells me i won't ever regret choosing giggles, smiles and coos.

there's probably so much more, but i hear someone stirring from his nap...

{taken mother's day 2012}

 {taken the day after mother's day at jamison square}


halfpint said...

Lol...soooo cute..: )) That first picture looks like you put a flower in his hair..Lol..Couldn't help but laugh...

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness!!!! Seriously, cutest baby of 2012 award goes to: Little bud!!!!! just wanna pinch his cheeks and squeeze those thighs! Hope to see you guys sometime this summer!!!!!!

tabi said...

eric - i didn't even notice the flower by his head until i read your comment! i can assure you, it wasn't intentional, haha. :)

lyg - we hope to see you sometime this summer too! still keeping my fingers crossed you'll come before luke's 2nd bday. :)