Monday, April 23, 2012

my bud is 3 months old

actually, he's 3 1/2 months old, and i've been trying to finish this blog post for a couple of weeks...

how we're at the end of april is beyond me!  i feel as though time is going by so very quickly and the changes in my bud are happening at a much more rapid pace now.  almost every day he's doing something new, hitting a new developmental milestone, and while it's so fun to observe, i can't help but feel that i want time to stop, if even for just a couple of months.

there have been times when the cold & rainy winter and spring weather made me stir crazy and long for sunny days when i can finally be out and about with my bud.  yet i've also begin to realize that in many ways the weather has been a blessing because my favorite moments with my bud have been those snuggled up inside our home.

it's on those days when i most feel how precious each minute with him is, and how quickly the days are passing.  i find myself literally wanting to savor every second before it's gone.  before i was a mom, i didn't understand how women could spend hours playing and talking with their babies...but i get it now.  sometimes i can't wait for him to wake from a nap so we can start hanging out again, and i know the reason i feel this more strongly now than before is because of how fun he's becoming.  i remember when i was pregnant a new mom telling me the first couple of months are the most difficult because your baby will take, take take, but not really give you much.  but once they hit 3 months, they start giving back in their interaction with you, and things really start to be different and in many ways, easier.  she was definitely right.  he is so much fun right now, my little sidekick, and there is no one else i'd rather be spending time with.  :)

not only is he awake longer during the days now, but when he is awake, we spend LOTS of time each day talking, singing, reading and cuddling.  as a result, my blogging and photography has been put on the back-burner as has a lot of the housework...all things that are are difficult for my type-a personality to let go of, but  in the end, it's not really a difficult decision.  i'm very aware that i will never get these moments with my bud back and i don't ever want to have any regrets.

my bud at 3 months - 
  • he sleeps 7-9 hours/night consistently
  • at a doctor's appt on 4/11, he weighed13 lbs, 6 oz and was 24 inches long
  • he's completely outgrown his 3 month clothes and is mostly in 6 month onesies & sleepers and 3-6 months for everything else, although it totally depends on the brand.
  • just when we had his schedule/routine figured out, it began to change.  i'm pretty sure he was going through a growth spurt the last couple of weeks, and he's also needing less sleep during the day.  he usually wakes about 7am, eats, is up for a bit, and then needs another nap in the next hour or so.  but after that, it varies from day to day.  some days he won't want to nap again until the afternoon and evening and will take longer 2 hour naps; other days, he takes multiple cat naps, 30-45 min long, throughout the day.  i'd like to get a more set schedule down, but i can see that's going to be difficult, especially now that the weather is starting to turn for the better, and i've been taking him out a bit more.  the car lulls him to sleep every time, and that probably messes with when he would be taking a nap if we were at home.  at this point, i've realized it's somewhat pointless to try and figure out his schedule since there doesn't really seem to be one.  when i notice cues that he's tired (fussy, turns his head to the side, or just starts closing his eyes), i put him down for a nap.
  • i'm still breast-feeding exclusively, and he's still eating every 2 -3 hours.  most of the time i feel as though i'm barely keeping up with demand though, and that's very frustrating.  i have a bit of a supply built up for those times when we leave him home with grandma or it's easier to bottle-feed rather than nurse out in public, but in order for me to have even a few ounces of supply built up, it requires me to daily set my alarm for 2am to pump.  if i dare attempt to pump during the day, that throws off my supply the rest of the day and i have a very unhappy and hungry baby the rest of the day.  i've learned this the hard way, and haven't been able to come up with a better solution for keeping my supply up and building up a supply.  would love suggestions if anyone has them!
  • he no longer wakes screaming for food in the mornings - instead, he usually hangs out in his crib for a while, and then he starts talking in a sing-songy voice that continues until i get him for his feeding.  this has been one of the biggest changes in recent weeks, and i absolutely adore hearing his sing-songy voice.  he also uses it in the evenings as he starts getting tired or when he's put down for his morning nap that he fights for a while.
  • he LOVES being read to.  this has always been the case, but it seems the older and more alert he is, the more excited he is when we read.  we're usually on our backs on the bed, book above us, and his arms and legs are kicking fast as his face scans the pages.  often, his mouth is moving furiously and he tries talking to the items on the pages.  most days we read dr. seuss, colorful for him and fun for me to read also.  his response to the colors and shapes on the pages continues to amaze me.
  • he also loves being sung to.  he gets a huge grin on his face, and then moments later will start 'singing' along.  sometimes i'm laughing so hard when he does this that i can't continue singing.  this is a newer development, but he does it almost every time now.
  • he's discovered his tongue and seems to really enjoy sticking it out.  it's fun to see him rolling it around as he tries to make sounds and talk
  • he's a drool monkey and loves putting his hands in his mouth.  i'm still convinced he must be teething, especially since we've realized he's not really sucking on his hands, he's trying to chomp down on them, and if we rub his paci on his bottom gums, he 'bites' down on it hard, and it really settles him down.
  • hands down my favorite thing to observe is his trying to talk.  he's most responsive when he's on his back and i'm above him, i think because he doesn't get distracted by anything else this way.  he locks eyes with me, and usually has a serious face until he sees me smile.  as soon as i begin smiling and talking with him, his face lights up and he starts making gurgling sounds, cooing sounds, whirring sounds, half-choked sounding laugh sounds...all kinds of sounds.  he especially seems to love it when i count as i move his legs.  for some reason, that seems to get him almost laughing.  overall, this is the biggest change in the last few weeks, and he gets more and more animated when we talk each day.  
  • i'm pretty sure he's ticklish, especially under his arm.  there have been a couple of times when he let out what almost sounded like a laugh when i've tickled him there.
  • he LOVES having his feet and toes kissed, and i must admit, i'm absolutely OBSESSED with them.  i'm not sure there's anything cuter than baby feet.
  • he also loves having his neck kissed, and will give me a big goofy grin when i do this.  he's started to anticipate me swooping in for a kiss, and will open his mouth really big and close his eyes as i kiss his neck.
  • he's discovered his hands and will often intertwine them in front of his face and just stare at them.
  • he has started reaching for things placed in front of him.  i've also seen him swat at toys on his activity mat.
  • he still doesn't enjoy tummy time, and while he can't yet keep his head steady, his neck has become much stronger, so i'm not longer worried about his lack of daily tummy time.

i'm sure there's more, but that's all mama has time for right now...


CZ said...

So sweet! I LOVED when my kids switched from crying in the morning to waking up happy/singing. It's one of life's joys :)

Kami said...

Fenugreek capsules and Omega Mom soft gels will help with milk supply. He is so cute!

Eryn said...

Tab, I had a really tough time with getting my supply up. Fenugreek REALLY helped me! But, after some research I learned that the recommended dosage on the bottle would not really be beneficial for increasing milk supply. I had read that you can gradually increase the dosing until you notice an increase. It will be different for everyone. For me, I took 4 capsules 3-4 times a day. I think I started at 2 capsules 3-4 times a day, and then I doubled it, and the next day i woke up ENGORGED! I was so happy it worked, that I didn't even care about being engorged! I did that for about a year...I think when he started eating significant amounts of solid food, I started cutting back on the fenugreek, since I didn't need so much. I found ordering it online was MUCH cheaper (I think Lucky by the case than picking it up at Freddy's or Whole Foods. I tried to only buy there when I was in a pinch. I think I only ended up buying it a few times, since I bought in volume. Totally worth a try! I have also read that eating oatmeal for breakfast is good. Also, have you tried pumping just for a few minutes right after he's done eating? You may not get much, but it sort of sends the message to your body that you need more. Also might be a good idea to make sure you are getting enough calories in your diet. It's a fine balance of losing baby weight, and keeping up your milk supply. And, of course drink LOTS of water :)