Monday, March 19, 2012

when they met bud

a couple of weekends ago i introduced my bud to grant, paige and luke, the children of one of my dearest friends, sarah.  he was eight weeks old at the time, and already becoming so much more alert.

sarah and i were college roommates and have remained close in the 10+ years since graduating.  but while i'm just beginning my journey as a mom, she's very well versed in what it means to be a mommy.  her youngest, five, will be heading off to kindergarten this fall, just about the time that my bud will probably begin crawling.  :)

while we may have been at different stages of life over the last decade (wow, just writing 'decade' makes me feel SO OLD!), we remained close and in each other's lives.  i've always deeply admired sarah as a mom, even more so now that i have my own and am learning what it means to be a mom.  i have so much to learn from her - the evidence is in the children she's raising - and feel so blessed to be able to call her a friend.

i've watched her children grow to be the type of children i hope to raise - sweet, kind, generous, full of personality, and so loving.  they are very dear to me, and while we may not be related by blood, they will always be in my bud's life; sarah as his surrogate aunt, and her kiddos as his surrogate cousins.  i know he'll look up to his older 'cousins' in the years to come, and i can't wait to make those memories.

the below pictures will always have a special place in my heart as they represent the first time her kiddos met my bud.  seeing the love on their faces as they held him and talked with him, and the gentle way they handled him, warmed my heart.

and bud was just as intrigued by them!  :)

 {my bud was loving all the attention and rewarded them with a big smile!}

 {i love how quickly grant reacted to make sure bud's head and neck were stable}

{just precious} 

{paige adoringly looking at her brother  - i hope to someday raise these sort of siblings} 

{the look on paige's face says it all and it warmed my heart} 

{the two boys, so gentle with my bud} 

{grant, just taking it all in.  i love the way he's carefully studying bud} 

{i absolutely love this shot - grant protectively and lovingly holding my bud}

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