Saturday, March 24, 2012

an unexpected day

yesterday was an unexpected day for many reasons - 

  • my mother-in-law called the night before to let me know that if i wanted, she was available to come watch my little man all day so i could get out the house and do WHATEVER.  (i wonder if she could tell how stir-crazy i was going when she saw me a couple of days prior?)  i generally have a difficult time accepting help from people...but it was hard to turn down her offer!  i accepted and scrambled to plan my day.  i have THE BEST mother-in-law EVER, and yes, i know that's a rarity, and i don't take it for granted.    
  • even though it started out the same way as it had for many days - cold and gloomy - the sun came out mid-morning and stuck around all day.  blue skies and bright sunshine - just the therapy i needed yesterday.  :)  
  • on a whim, i decided to see if my massage therapist had an opening.  this is someone who is typically booked weeks in advance (because she's AWESOME!!), and i'd been trying to schedule something with her for weeks.  so when i was told she had a 1pm cancellation, i knew it was meant to be!  it was great catching up with her and sharing about my bud (of course) while she worked magic on my aching back.  i wholeheartedly believe there is nothing better than a good massage. 
  • after my massage, i was famished and decided to try a new york style deli just down the street.  i have two words for you - cabbage. borscht.  oh my word, it was so good!  and the sandwich wasn't half bad either.  i  was so relaxed after the massage, and thoroughly savored my alone lunch.
  • talked with a dear friend (and cousin) from phoenix not once, not twice, but three times in one day.  she's a nurse, so between both of our crazy schedules, it's quite rare that we're actually able to connect over the phone.  it was a treat to have so much time catching up with her, and talking with her even made the awful friday rush hour traffic i was caught in completely tolerable.  i'm sure being relaxed from my massage also helped with that.  :)
  • i wasn't ready for the day to be over once i got home, and there was still plenty of nice weather to be enjoyed, so the hubs and i took both of our babies for a walk around the neighborhood.  it was glorious.  i am SO ready for nice weather!
{so that's what blue skies look like}

{oh yes, that's a dollop of sour cream - it was absolutely necessary!} 

{even zoe-girl found a bit of sunshine to enjoy}

{taking bud for a walk - the BEFORE picture}

{and the AFTER...}

{the tree in front of our house - it stays this way for such a short time}

{bringing the beauty inside}

** all photos take with a phone camera  **

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Anonymous said...

sounds like the perfect day for a break. I was thinking of you and wishing I would have been able to join in the fun. maybe next time.