Monday, March 12, 2012

two months old

how is my baby two months old?!  of course, is some ways these first two months seem like a lifetime, and we definitely feel like we've known our little man forever.

but TWO MONTHS just sounds so old!  and i'm not sure i'm ready to have a two month old...versus a baby whose age i can measure in weeks.

the developmental changes in his second month and especially in the last two weeks are astounding!

baby two months in - 
  • at night, he's sleeping 4-5 hour stretches; during the day, he eats pretty regularly at 2.5 - 3 hour intervals (and we've been following the babywise method)
  • not sure about his weight/height - we'll know at his 2 month checkup this friday
  • he wears mainly 3 month clothes.  i still try and squeeze him into some of his 0-3 month stuff, both because i'm in denial that he's already outgrown them and because they're so cute...but he's busting them at the seams.  :(
  • everyone has started telling me they think he looks like the hubs.  i have yet to have anyone tell me my little boy resembles his mama.  well, except for his more olive skin tone.  that's it.  
  • he's started blowing bubbles
  • he's discovered his tongue - this is so incredibly cute because most of the time he's sticking it out as if trying to figure out what in the world he's supposed to do with it
  • he drools quite a bit - PLEASE don't tell me this means he's starting to teethe!  i'm not sure either one of us could handle that just yet  :)
  • he's still a big eater - i mean, he CHUGS it down.  i know they say formula fed babies tend to be chunkier, but i think we're going to have a chunk on our hands, if his roly-poly thighs are any indication.  oh, and his hands and feet have definitely been filling out and dare i say, are becoming 'doughy'  :)
  • his favorite activities - hands down, being talked to, especially when he's on his back and we're about 12-18 inches away from his face.  doing leg exercises (we do the bicycle, crunches, leg lifts and heels taps).  and he loves loves loves having his feet and toes kissed!  he rewards me with the biggest smile...although i suspect he may also be a bit ticklish  :)  playing on his activity mat.  looking at the black and white shapes up in his crib, although he's definitely beginning to notice other colors as well.  being read to.  being carried around so he can look around.  looking out the window - he's still very fascinated with light sources.
  • when reading books, i always have the book open so he can see the pages while propped up on his lounger.  whereas before he simply listened to my voice and reacted to it, he now looks to find the illustrations on the page 
  • he no longer likes tummy time.  i'm not sure he ever liked it, but he put up with it.  now, he's very vocal that is not his preferred wake time activity  :)
  • he's also not terribly fond of hats, which i LOVE putting on him.  i don't think he has much say in this matter because hats will be part of his wardrobe whether he likes it or not!
  • he is so much more alert and can literally follow a person around the room.  this is new just in the last couple of weeks and is an unbelievable change from the baby that could only see 12-18 inches in front of his face.  however, he's still the most interactive when a person is closer to his face.
  • he grins, oh he grins. often times, in the morning after he's finished nursing and is content, he will lock eyes with me and just give me the biggest gummy smiles i've ever seen.  they make me laugh, which makes him smile even bigger which makes me laugh even harder...yea, we have fun.  :)  and in those moments when our eyes are locked, he stares so intently i could swear he's trying to read my mind.
  • but the very best thing of all - he has started to coo.  but not just coo.  he locks eyes with me and will literally try and talk back to me when i talk to him.  it's amazing to see him try to form words and sounds with his mouth.  we have lots of conversations, my little mister and i, and i could literally do that all day long.  it's by far my favorite change in his development and absolutely MELTS. MY. HEART. every time. 

mama two months in - 
  • i'm about 5-10 lbs shy of my pre-pregnancy weight and most of it resides in the mid-section area.  i'm not sure how long it takes most women to get their mid-sections back to normal, but it will definitely take me longer than two months!  but i also haven't restricted my calorie intake at all; in fact i'm consuming more calories each day to ensure i continue to produce enough milk for my big eater.  getting back to my pre-pregnancy weight isn't at the top of my priority list, although i'm not sure i'll feel the same way when i need to start fitting into my summer clothes, especially tops.  :)
  • i'm now at the point where i feel the fog has really lifted. i thought i was there at the one month mark, but things were still overwhelming often times, and both the little mister and i were still figuring things out, especially as we worked through his growth spurts.  i know i'll continue to feel more and more 'normal' as time goes on, and being able to get out and about about more with him has really helped in this regard.
  • i've started going for walks (nice days only!) and even took the little mister with me on the 66 degree day we had last week.  i CANNOT wait for the weather to improve and make our walks a daily occurrence!
  • i'm still not eating cow's dairy, chocolate (although i've cheated a couple of times) and veggies such as broccoli or cabbage.  and yes, it's difficult EVERY SINGLE DAY...but worth it.  :)
  • i'm sure there's more, but mama's hungry...

my bud as a newborn, at one month old and at two months old - 


Amber said...

I love reading about how much your are enjoying your little man!! He's a lucky guy!! I love your pictures, so crisp and just beautiful. Ronan is so handsome :) Also, as for getting your body back, that one's not fun at all. I would go below my normal weight at some point while breastfeeding, but I didn't get my pre-pregnancy body "back" until my kids were 9 months old. Yeah, that's not so much fun in the summer with tank tops! Good job eating lots though, so important :)

Monica said...

He totally looks like you in the 2 month pic! And I'm using my baby voice in my head as I tell him he's the cutest, little buddy ever and I just want to nuzzle those soft cheeks and neck of his!