Tuesday, March 6, 2012


today i'm entering a black & white photo challenge over at 'i heart faces'.  i have many b&w photos, so narrowing it down was EXTREMELY difficult, especially because i was SO tempted to enter a photo of my own sweet love.  

but in the end, i wanted something a little different, and my mind returned to this photo shoot - 


Photo Challenge Submission


Rebecca said...

What a cute photo! It makes me cold just looking at it. Love the lines from the bridge.

Julie Muchlinski said...

I love her Cons! So cute and NOT fakely posed...love that.

bobicrisan.com said...

love this photo. The expression on m's face is priceless. and the way her sister is holding her hands plus the background and the outfits all really evoke a feeling of winter and wanting to be near a fire place or at least inside. :)

Kimble said...

Great photo! Really like the feeling of it.

Monica said...

LOVE the pic! I think the word sisters says it all!