Thursday, March 22, 2012

march winter wonderland

well, i didn't think bud would get another chance to wear his little bear outfit, but i was wrong.

this morning we woke up to a couple of inches of snow, and i was thrilled!  i realize the snow was probably a huge inconvenience for many, like say, those who had to go to work or school today...but that wasn't me, and i was happy to finally have a reason to get out of the house after being cooped up for the last three cold, rainy and all around nasty days.

the snow exhilarated all of us (ok, maybe just me and zoe-girl), but the hubs was a good sport and so was bud (although maybe he was just too stunned by the cold to cry) and the 10 minutes that we spent outside taking pictures and introducing bud to his first snow made me happy indeed!  :)


Naomi said...

Aww I love these. Lil Bud does look a little shocked by the cold.

jgorger said...

so cute!!!!! (both of you!)

Anonymous said...

looks like such a wonderful day, Tabi you look stunning… u can't even tell you had a baby 10 weeks ago. good job.
unfortunately I was one of those driving in the snow at 6 am, it wasn't bad but it sucked not being able to be out with the boys especially Seth, who loves the snow.