Sunday, March 18, 2012

mama's bear bud

yesterday we visited our neighbors, an older, almost retired couple who have become our friends over the 6+ years we've lived in our home.

when our bud was a few weeks old, they stopped by to see him, and gifted him with some adorable clothes, the most precious being a little bear outfit for cold weather.  well, i'd been waiting for a reason to bundle him up in it and swing him by so they could see it on him, and yesterday seemed like the perfect day to do so.  cold, rainy...yep, perfect for a little bear.

so i bundled my little mister up, and we walked over for a quick visit.  of course, i also had to take the opportunity to have the hubs snap some pictures of my bear bud and i.  now, i may be biased, but isn't he the cutest little bear you've ever seen?  :)


Anonymous said...

oh my goodness, he's changing soooo much! he looks like a diff baby! and yes, the cutest cub ever!!

Naomi said...

He does already look so different. The cutest bear I've ever seen. And in exactly one month I'll get to see him. Can't wait!!!!

tabi said...

yayayayay!!! can't wait to see you either are going to eat him up, i guarantee it. he's so much fun now. :)

jgorger said...

love that outfit! glad you are having great weather to get some use out of it! (we on the other hand are enjoying abnormal temps in the 80's! - no complaints though!)