Tuesday, March 20, 2012

grandpa larry's surprise visit

my dad's been in town for a few days, and we had him (and my brother josh, also visiting from phoenix) over for dinner a few nights ago.

so i wasn't expecting to see him again, but this morning, he stopped by for a quick, surprise visit.  he wanted to see his newest grandson one last time before flying out later today.  well, i couldn't argue with that!  :)

my bud was tired, but even so, he did so well!  he loves his grandpa larry who loves to talk with him and tell him all sorts of silly things.  i think it's pretty obvious that grandpa larry knows what he's doing...i guess he should given he has 9 children of his own, and now, 9 grandchildren as well.

bud even rewarded him with really big gummy smiles (of course, not when his mama was shooting pictures!)

a few shots of my sweet bud and his grandpa larry.


Amber said...

Oh how sweet Tabitha! I love the pictures of my kiddos as newborns with my dad as well. Precious moments! (Ronan is looking so big and bright eyed already too!)

Anonymous said...

oh i love it! dad is pretty good with babies :) Luke took to him right away too :) and Bud, your hair is too much! my mommy heart melts everytime I see you!

jgorger said...

precious memories! :)