Monday, March 5, 2012

the difference some sun can make

you wouldn't know it by the downpour and wind we're experiencing today, but yesterday was a magnificent day,  sunny and low 60's.  the warmest day of the year thus far, and everyone was out enjoying their little piece of sunshine.

because the hubs spent most of the afternoon and evening fixing a complicated part on his jeep (talk about yuck on a beautiful weekend day!!), the only plans i had was to take the little mister to visit grandma.  but that all changed when a dear friend called to ask if i was interested in meeting up for a walk.  ummm, yea!

luckily grandma was able to baby-sit on short notice, and my friend was willing to come up to my neck of the woods, so we headed to a beautiful trail not too far from home, basked in the sun and natural beauty all around us, and even managed to burn some calories.  :)

summer cannot get here fast enough!

 * all photos taken with my phone *


Anonymous said...

tabi- i love your point of view. this is why I like to shoot with you, i have a lot to learn. i love using my phone camera too because the edits are a bit more intense which is so fun sometimes.

Monica said...

GREAT photos! Do you use an app to edit... and if so, which one?

tabi said...

bobi / monica - i actually didn't use an app to edit these. they were edited using lightroom (a photo editing software) so i just worked on them until i liked the 'feel'