Wednesday, March 21, 2012

10 weeks old

last friday my bud had his official 2 month appt, even though he was days shy of 10 weeks.

- the stats -

  • weight - 12 lbs, 6 oz, although the first time the scale showed 12 lbs, 11 oz, but for some reason the nurse needed to redo it, and the weight came back different second time around.  this puts him around the 50th percentile on the growth charts
  • height - 23 inches.  this also puts him around the 50th percentile on the growth charts
  • head circumference - 15.5 inches

- other things we discussed with his doctor - 

  • bud has started sucking his hand...aggressively and a lot!  not a surprise given that his ultrasounds showed him doing it in utero.  according to the dr., the hand sucking is a precursor to thumb sucking, and he strongly advised us to nip it in the bud by offering him the paci instead.  we're definitely on board, because we wouldn't want his thumb sucking habit to continue for years, which it often does, sometimes even into teenage years - yikes!  plus there's the negative impact it could have on his teeth and dental structure.  easier said than done, though, because even with little mitts on his hands, he still wants to put his hands in his mouth and doesn't really care for the paci much.
  • flaky forehead - apparently this is related to his cradle cap (he has a mild case) and should clear soon
  • watering left eye - apparently he has a blocked tear duct, which may or may not go away on its own - most clear up on their own by the first year of age, but if not, a procedure to unblock the tear duct would be required.  
  • tummy time - per dr, bud should be doing 20 min of tummy time 3 times/day.  ummm, yea, he's currently up to 8-10 min, one time/day, and even that's pushing it.  he absolutely hates tummy time and starts screaming bloody murder about 5 minutes in.  it takes every fiber of my being to make him go past that point...i guess we'll keep working on it.  crazy to think that a generation ago all babies slept on their tummies

- bud - 
  • as of last week, bud has started sleeping through the night, which is defined as sleeping a 5-6 hour stretch.  he's been consistently sleeping 6-7 hour stretches, and even had one night where he went 8 hours.  can i just say how excited i am about this!?  as a result, he's been feeding more frequently during the day and staying awake longer during the day
  • resists naps - even though it's obvious that he's extremely tired, heaven forbid i try to put him down for a nap, especially in the mornings or early afternoon!  :)  also, the naps that he does take are much shorter than he used to - 1/2 hour to 1 hour long
  • he's more and more alert each day, follows people around the room, loves trying to talk when being talked with and is generally a very happy baby.
  • prefers laying completely on his back rather than semi-inclined, especially when reading books and being talked with

 - mama - 
  • i've started incorporating dairy back into my diet, mostly cheese, and not in large quantities.  i don't want to shock his system by consuming everything all at once.  i also started drinking soy milk and found i really like it (plus it has 30% more calcium than cow's milk), so i'll probably stick with that for a while.
  • still not consuming caffeine though because i think it has the biggest impact on him, and the last thing i want to do is affect his sleeping patterns and ability to sleep.  i miss chocolate much more than coffee in this regard!
  • i'm really started to get cabin fever in a major way!  the weather has been beyond crummy (beginning of spring - HA!) and i have no desire to take bud out into the rain and cold.   i can't help but think life would be quite a bit more enjoyable if we had some warm sunny days and i could take him out and about - maybe a trip to somewhere warm might be in our near future.  :)
  • i'm so very behind on working on my his pictures - i've literally taken thousands since he was born, but finding the time to edit them down and then post-process them has been very challenging and is starting to feel more like a chore.  i'm realizing that i need to take fewer pictures to begin with...also easier said than done.

here are a few from yesterday.  :)

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jgorger said...

cutie! great pictures! sounds like things are going very well, and totally normal! :) Time is going by too fast!