Wednesday, February 29, 2012


for the last 6 weeks i've been addicted to pinterest and foodgawker.  why?  besides the obvious (they're awesome!), i can peruse them one-handed ON MY PHONE while nursing my baby boy.

and i do a lot of nursing.

so i'm multi-tasking and that's a good thing.  :)  especially nowadays when i'm lucky if i get out of my pj's all day, and i count it a success to have put my contacts in.

most of my pinterest time is spent looking at recipes and of course, food is all i DROOL over on foodgawker.  one of the things i was most looking forward to on my maternity leave was finally having time to cook again.  i LOVE to cook, but working full time + commuting 2+ hours each day left little (or NO) time for that.  of course when i told many of my mommy friends about my desire to rediscover my love for cooking while on maternity leave, they just laughed.  mostly at my naivety in thinking i would have any time to cook or rediscover anything with a newborn.  and as a first time parent.

well they were right.  the last 7 weeks have not been spent cooking or doing much else besides adjusting to life with a newborn.

and drooling over food blogs.

 but now that i somewhat have my head above water, i thought it was time to try one of the many receipes i've pinned on pinterest or favorited on foodgawker.  

armed with motivation to cook dinner a couple of days ago, i realized quickly that many of the recipes that have piqued my interest are indian or south-east asian influenced.   many are curry based and they all call for spices i've never owned or used, especially these three:

coriander - also known as cilantro...who knew?!  not me.  apparently everywhere else in the english speaking world (except the U.S.), the leaves and seeds are known as coriander.

cumin - the dried seed of the cumin herb and is a member of the parsley family.  the second most popular spice in the world after black pepper.  definitely didn't know that and now i feel even more out of the cooking loop for never having used it before.  

tumeric - a member of the ginger family; native to tropical south asia as it needs considerable rainfall to thrive.

so i ran to my local fred meyer and snagged up these three spices.  i also narrowed down my recipes to the first i would experiment with: turmeric chicken with coconut wild rice.  not too many ingredients required, not too many steps - just what i needed for my first venture back into the world of cooking.

final result - the recipe was a success and tumeric is now added to my spice repertoire.  very easy to cook with and pretty mild flavored overall.

my cooking goal is to try a new recipe each week. :)


tumeric chicken with coconut wild rice
adapted from bev cooks
serves 3 (or 2 very hungry folks!)


  • 1 cup black wild rice 
  • 2 cans coconut milk (apx. 4 cups) - or 1 can coconut milk, & 2 cups chicken stock
  • 3 Tbs olive oil (this isn't exact)
  • 6-8 cups spinach, tightly packed (apx. 1 large bunch)
  • 1 Tbs ground tumeric
  • 1/4 cup all-purpose flour
  • 1 Tbs salt (i used coarse sea salt)
  • pinch of freshly ground pepper
  • 2 chicken breasts, sliced in half (and can also be cut into smaller pieces)
  • 1 lime

  1. on stove top or in rice cooker, cook rice in the coconut milk according to instructions.  salt the coconut milk generously to add more flavor to the rice.  note: it will take at least 60 minutes for the wild rice to finish cooking.
  2. when the rice has about 20 minutes remaining, heat a drizzle of olive oil in a large skillet and cook spinach until wilted, approximately 2 minutes.  set aide.
  3. in a shallow dish, combine the flour, tumeric, 1 Tbs salt and a pinch of freshly ground pepper
  4. lightly dredge the chicken through the flour mixture
  5. heat remaining oil in the skillet and add the chicken - sear on both sides until browned and cooked through, about 8 minutes
  6. remove from heat and squeeze the juice of half a lime onto the chicken
  7. once rice is done cooking, mix the wilted spinach into the rice.  add more salt & pepper to taste
  8. serve chicken over wild rice
  9. ENJOY!


  • had a difficult time finding black wild rice - finally found one brand/box of it at the large supermarket by my house, and it wasn't cheap.  $5 for 8 oz
  • the rice takes a VERY long time to cook - think 60-70 minutes, so get a head start on this.  i didn't know this when making this recipe, so dinner was quite a bit later than expected.
  • loved the texture of the wild rice!  the spinach is a great complement texturally to the chewy nuttiness of the rice.
  • the amount of salt added to the rice and to the flour mixture can vary depending on personal preference.  i found the original recipe needed quite a bit more salt, and i don't tend to over-salt dishes
  • cutting up the chicken into smaller pieces lessens the cooking time a bit

 {the newest additions to my spice cupboard!}

{the cast of characters for this recipe} 

{the final product, although i'm not proud of this picture as it doesn't do the recipe justice - i blame it on the extremely poor evening lighting in my kitchen }


hilldalehouse said...

Yum! I guess if you're cooking you're on your way to feeling normal again ;-) 6-7 weeks was when I started feeling less zombie, more human.
This looks great! Isn't tumeric sooo pretty? Just love the color!
Can't wait to see what you do next!
kiss that baby for me! said...

nice work Tab. looking forward to when you venture to some thai cuisine and I get an invite for dinner. ;) said...

nice work Tab. looking forward to when you venture to some thai cuisine and I get an invite for dinner. ;)

Naomi said...

I think we should definitely tackle another Indian dish when I visit in April. :)

Naomi said...
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