Monday, February 20, 2012

our dallas visitors

last week my sister lyg, her hubby and their little mister luke visited for AN ENTIRE WEEK!  they live in dallas, tx, so i'm lucky if i get to see them once a year.  in fact, the last time i saw them was january 2011 when i visited them and luke was 6 months old.  on that trip, i fell head over heels for my newest nephew and wondered if i could someday love another child as much.  well, now that i have my own, i can say with certainty YES, but i will forever remember the luke that stole my heart.

before their visit, we spent 4 weeks pretty well cocooned in our home, just me, hubs and baby ronan, adjusting to life as a family of three.  so adding three more people to the mix made for a very busy household and a very fun week!

some of the highlights from our week -
  • the home cooked meals!  my sister loves to cook, and is much more resourceful and brave than i am in the kitchen.  so she cooked for us, and it was such a treat!  for this particular meal, she introduced us to swiss chard - who knew it was so good and easy to prepare?  i'm sold.  we feasted on a caprese salad, homemade garlic knots, spaghetti with swiss chard and pancetta, a roasted chicken, and for done 3 ways - lyg, you rock!

  • help with crafty projects - the nursery still isn't finished and i knew that having my crafty sister around for an entire week would be the perfect opportunity to finish up one of the ideas i have for the nursery.   i guess you could say i 'used' her for her craftiness and creativity, but she didn't mind one bit!  :)   for this project we used frames i already had in the house as well as some she snagged at the local salvation army store.  we then made a quick visit to home depot and decided on three shades of green paint.  after sanding the frames down a bit, we she painted them and decided how they would be arranged on the wall.  i can't wait to see what they look like up when the collage is up on the wall above the changing table although i have yet to decide what to put in them...

  • sister time -  like most people, i feel most comfortable and at ease with my immediate family.  no one knows and understands me as well as they do and with them i don't have to worry about making sure the house is picked up or that i'm put together.  and that's a good thing because neither of those was true last week!   and that was ok.  we spent time lounging around in our pj's, watching the bachelor, talking about food, gossiping, pinteresting, more talking about food, and just having girl time.

  • a few firsts - until last week, i hadn't been brave enough to take ronan out and about on my own..  the main reason was fear of him getting sick (following strict doctor's orders given this is cold & flu season).  but following closely behind was my fear of nursing in public. not because of what anyone would say, but the actual logistics of it just seemed much too daunting.  well, my sister gave me the courage i needed to face my fears.  we ventured to cafe sip-n-play the first time, and since that experience went so well, we decided to take our boys and spend another day at nuvrei and shopping at pioneer place.  oh, and it was raining!  it's amazing the things that give me a sense of accomplishment nowadays.  :)
{at cafe sip-n-play - is it horrible that i find his sad face hilarious?  and seriously, the cutest hat ever!}

  • baby time - yes, mister ronan stole the show (in my *humble* opinion), but there were two other babies on the scene - mister luke (19 months old) and lilttle miss audrey (4 months old).  it was so fun to see the three of them together and to realize how quickly ronan's going to change.  :(   luke was a ball of energy, very mobile and with a mind all his own!  he was enamored with zoe-girl, and followed her around making barking sounds all week.  it was beyond adorable, and i can tell you zoe-girl definitely returned his affections.  it may or may not have something to do with luke being a treat factory!  :)  we enjoyed reading his cowboy book together (he's fascinated with cows!), coloring dinosaurs together and playing with his cars.  oh, and watching baby einstein together.  and his flirty side glances and full on smiles were just enough to melt my heart all over again!

{trying to get a picture of all three babies together - this was the best we could do!}

{uncle brandon meeting ronan for the first time - he had the magic touch...must be the mountain dew}
{still can't believe how big he's gotten!}

 {ronan & auntie lyg bonding time - he loved her!}

 {luke & ronan - oh, the adventures they're going to have someday!}

 {uncle reid showing luke how to really have fun - all it takes is a spinning mixing bowl!}

{the many faces of mister luke - can he be any cuter??}

it was such a treat to have them with us for an entire week, and the house seemed much too empty when they left.  i'm still staying optimistic that they will someday come to their senses and move to portland... it could happen!!

and because i can't help it (and because i took waaaaaay too many pictures) here are a few more from the week...

{the very first day, luke crawled into zoe's crate - needless to say, she was more than a bit confused...}

{i absolutely LOVE this family portrait!}

{oh, those eyes}

{me and my mister luke}


Anonymous said...

Love it! We had such a great time! It was so nice to see all of you sisters and children... and I think I'm a little depressed about not being around all of you... i've been moping around here for the past week :(
I love all the pics (of course), esp the ones of the 3 babies together ha ha; Brandon was quite the baby whisperer wasn't he?!
I had soooooooo much fun and can't wait till we can see ya'll again!
Love you!

Naomi said...

I love all the pics. It's so nice to see something recent of Luke. I'm so jealous of the time you guys had together. Guess I'll just be patient for our trip later this year. I can't wait.

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness I can't believe I am just now seeing this post. I didn't realize how behind I am. Love love love this. All the photos and stories, looks like the visit from Lyg was just what you needed. ok my all time fave is the photo of Luke in the crate. Absolutely classic and too funny. Love the family photos you took of Lyg and her two dudes. and all the rest as well.