Wednesday, February 1, 2012

he's here to stay

yesterday as the hubs and i sat on the couch watching 'the bachelor' ( i know, i'm ashamed, but i can't stop - that courtney chick is sooooo far off her rocker, i'm mesmerized and must see how long ben keeps her around!), baby ronan in his swing next to us, i looked over at him and it hit me like a ton of bricks - HE'S HERE TO STAY.

we have a baby
it's not temporary
he's ours to raise, and he's not going anywhere anytime soon.

the reality and responsibly of that is scary and so very exciting at the same time, and i'm not sure at what point it'll be fully sunk in that we're parents and our lives are forever changed.

meanwhile, the first 3 weeks have flown by and yet at the same time, it seems like our little man has been with us forever.

highlights from week 3 -  

  • i finally got over the nasty cold i contracted toward the end of ronan's first week and which lasted thru the 2nd week.  once i was getting over it, the hubs got sick.  we were a sorry bunch!  luckily everyone is now back to normal, and ronan managed to stay healthy which was my biggest fear
  • realized how quick baby boy is growing - at his 2 week appt, he was up to 8 lbs 12 oz, a 12 oz increase from his birth weight.  so much for being concerned that he was getting enough to eat!  oh, and he was an inch longer as well (up to 21.5 inches).  i'm going to assume that he's more than 9 lbs by now
  • ronan slept in his crib for the first time - and we've made that a permanent transition.  as a result, the quality of my nighttime sleep has improved drastically!
  • breastfeeding has become much easier, from a pain perspective especially, but also, we're both "figuring it out"
  • i spent an hour shopping at costco - only my second time out of the house since baby other than doctor's appointments - and it was awesome!  just me, senior citizens and stay at home moms...
  • gave ronan a bath all by myself - it's funny the things i now find daunting
  • put on make-up for the first time since ronan was born...and felt like a new woman!
  • we started baby wise.  more on that later
  • we introduced ronan to his swing...and he loves it!  sometimes, it's the only way to get him to sleep
  • we left ronan with grandma for the first time and went out to a VERY QUICK dinner because that's all this mama could handle
  • i went for my first walk since baby
  • we took ronan out to dinner with us (gustav's happy hour!) - luckily he slept the entire time and was securely tucked away in his car seat.  we also ran into corie, our doula there - small world!
  • all in all, things are finally starting to feel "normal" again - not the kind of normal we had before baby, a new normal.  the kind where every day doesn't feel like one big haze.  every day is still blending into the day before, and most days i still don't know what day of the week it is, but ronan seems to be getting on a bit of a feeding/sleeping schedule which allows me to somewhat schedule my days too.  oh, and i've learned to take at least one daily nap while he naps.  it's amazing what that hour or two of sleep can do!
{carmen & lucy visit - oh, and they brought burgerville!}

 {ronan & zoe getting to know each other}

 {nothing more attractive than daddy & baby}

 {good morning mama!}

 {red robin - almost worth leaving baby for the first time}

 {tummy time while gazing out the window}

 {trying really hard to wake up}

 {all bundled up for his first big adventure to gustavs!}

 {talking with uncle ryan}

{mama & her love - taken by bobi - love this picture!}

3 comments: said...

i love reading your updates. so glad to see you guys took your little man out for the first time and it was a good experience. and i know exactly what you mean about the sleep quality improving once baby is in their own room. found that to be true with both boys. I think they slept better too because i didn't reach for them at every little noise they made. haha
looking forward to when we can go out together. i see a cafe sip'n play in our future, maybe when Lyg is here with her Luke. (here's to me hoping) ;)

jgorger said...

I am so happy for you that you are getting into your new normal! Its great that you went out for a bit too. Go you! Sounds like you are an old pro at this already. You are such a natural! love the pictures, Ronan looks like such a sweet little guy. Cant wait to meet him next time we are in town! :)

JennV said...

Wow Tab he has changed sooo much since I saw him last! Can't wait till we get past our colds to come see him!