Tuesday, February 21, 2012

a biscuits kind of day

one of the great things about having a hubby that (mostly) works from home is going on impromptu breakfast dates in the middle of the week.  this morning, after feeding and packing up ronan, we decided to head to pine state biscuits on alberta in north portland...just because.  it was the hubby's idea and i was more than happy to agree, especially since i'd been cooped up for a couple of days.

i'll let the pictures (all taken with the camera + app on my phone) tell the story...

{loved their light fixtures and the open beam ceiling}

{old tractor seats turned into bar stools - so cool}

{that's ONE biscuit - with mushroom gravy  - and a fried chicken breast on the side.  YUM doesn't begin to describe how good it was!}

{it's like the heavens opened up...}

{what our little man did the entire time}

{we demolished it!}

p.s.  lyg, next time you're in town, i'm taking you here!
p.p.s. nomers, when you come in april, i'm taking you here!
p.p.p.s.  next time, i'm trying their shrimp & grits AND their fried green tomatoes.  oh yeah!


Naomi said...

OMG that looks so yum. We must go when I visit in April. I'll pass on the fried chicken but shrimp and grits sounds so good. Or just the bisquit and mushroom gravy. I'll have to find a way to steal Florin away from the choir and come with us. He's big on gravy and bread.

Anonymous said...