Monday, February 6, 2012

baby & the beach

we've had an INCREDIBLE stretch of weather in the northwest the last week or so, and it looks like it's going to continue.  high 50's and sunny...that NEVER happens in february, so it's been an amazing treat!  for me, however, it makes being indoors with a newborn all the more difficult.  i don't mind it when the weather's less than ideal, but once the sun is out, i want to be out!

so on saturday, we packed up our little guy and headed for the oregon coast.  it was quite a production - packing up the stroller (and bassinet attachment, just in case), making sure my diaper bag had every item baby could possibly need (including about 3 changes of clothes, lots of layers and lots of blankets), not to mention getting ourselves ready.  i now understand why the 'leaving the house process' takes so much longer once you have a baby.  and it doesn't help that i tend to over pack in general.

but once we were on our way, it was magical - the car lulled mister ronan to sleep for the entire 1 1/2 hours to the coast.  he was out until we stopped for the first time at a viewpoint overlooking manzanita.  these were our views while i nursed the little man...not too shabby!

{an old bronco out for a spin on a gorgeous day - it was begging to have its picture taken!}

{a view of the manzanita coastline from above - stunning!}

it was tempting to spend the entire day driving up and down the coast enjoying the incredible views, and that's what we did for the first part of the day. we drove through the town of manzanita, a town we weren't very familiar with, and fell head over heels in love with it - their beach , the homes, the slower pace - and we dreamt of some day owning our very own beach cottage there.  some day.

{the manzanita beach - low 60's, bright sunshine - just gorgeous!}

then we headed back north to cannon beach, one of our favorite beaches, and took the little mister for his first stroll on the beach.  he was snug as a bug in his 'bucket' and slept through the whole experience.  and our trip wouldn't have been complete without a stop at the lumberyard for an early dinner and bruce's candy kitchen for some caramel corn and a caramel apple.

it was our first full day excursion with our little man and it couldn't have been better!  i can't wait to return to the coast many times this summer and make more memories with our little one.  :)


jgorger said...

Love it! So glad Ronan got to see the beach for the first (of many) time! I miss the Oregon coast! Hope you stopped and got some treats at the candy store too! :)

Naomi said...

Oh man I miss the Oregon coast. That is a must see on my future visit this summer. And Ronan will be a little older and the weather warmer. I can't wait. Looks like a great little visit for you guys.

Mummy Daddy and Me makes Three said...

Beautiful pictures- you are lucky you have nice weather, it is snowing here in the UK! x said...

what a wonderful day. looks like the three of you really had a great time. looking forward to possibly doing a beach trip together at some point in the future.